I got an iPad!

I’m so excited and having fun! It’s so much easier to check the forum from my bed, the couch or wherever! :teehee:

Now to load my knitting apps on here! :yay:

It IS nice! I was playing with my BIL’s Ipad yesterday :slight_smile:

Congrats! I’m sure you’re going to love it. I don’t have one, just a small netbook. But it is nice to lounge in bed with them, especially if you’re reading ebooks. I saw a protective case that’s also an easel stand for Ipads at Big Lots.

Thanks! There are lots of covers like that now. They’re pretty cool. I just got a screen protector and the front cover for now till I find what I want.


Enjoy your great little gizmo - iPad’s are dipped in awesomesauce! :inlove:

:teehee: Awesomesauce! Love it!

The Ipads can save you money, too. One of the customers in our store showed me hers. She takes it along when she shops. Most businesses have WiFy now. She goes online as she finds items and compares prices to see if she’s getting the best bargain.

Anyone with an iPad or iPhone should read this. There’s some nifty new features with ios 5!!!

Don’t laugh at me, but if I buy an IPad can I use it with my home DSL signal or do I have to have a contract through one of the cell phone companies? I know what they are and how they are used, but that’s the extent of it.

I’d say probably, but you’d have to ask. I have cable and wifi so I’ve no experience there. You could ask your DSL provider. They’d probably know.

I also got the smallest cellular data contract with AT&T just to see how much I use it. I can’t get wifi at the yarn store which is where I go to a social knitting group twice a week. And it’ll be handy in the car for maps and such. This particular plan is 250mb for $15 a month.

However if I find I don’t use it much then I’ll turn it off and just turn it on when I need it like on vacation. It’s easy to do through the app. It’s on a 30 day plan for various amounts and it’s billed to a credit card. You just turn it off before they charge your card again.

If your iPad has Wi-Fi, then you should be able to connect it with your home DSL if you have a wireless router.

My 1st Gen iPad is wi-fi only and I can not subscribe to a service with it since it does not have the necessary 3G hardware; it wasn’t worth the extra expense for me since I would be using it mostly in places with wi-fi, like home and hotels. :slight_smile:

I got one, too! It’s so much fun. What knitting apps are you using? I was just searching for the Knitting Help app but I think that’s just an iPhone app (I came here just now to look for it since I couldn’t find it in the app store).

I found the iPad app. I was searching with a space instead of using knittinghelp - no space. Now I’m happy!

I think the Knitting Help app is for both iPhone and iPad.

Let’s see, I have Knitting Help, knitCompanion, Raglanify, and iKnit Gauge. It’s questionable whether the gauge is useful and I haven’t used the other two yet. Someone else recommended them to me so I got them. knitCompanion is supposed to be awesome for charts.

I also use Good Reader (iPad) as my PDF reader. You can connect to your Ravelry library! I haven’t completely explored it yet, but all my knitting friends use it as well.

Other than that I have a bunch of games and some other cool apps. What about you?

So many knitting apps! Thanks for the suggestions.

I like reading so I downloaded Nook and Kindle readers. I’ve downloaded a few games. I bought iPhoto but haven’t used it yet. I’m not really familiar with all the apps available for iPad, so that’s why I asked for suggestions. My smartphones have always been Android, so this is all new to me. I’m having so much fun. I’m a little in love with this thing.:slight_smile:

I have the Kindle book app, but I do have an actual Kindle so I’ll probably do most of my reading on that. I get subscriptions to a few magazines and it turns out that National Geographic is free for the iPad with a paid subscription which is nice.

I’ll bring mine in here later and tell you a few of the coolest apps I have. :wink:

I keep looking for the “like” button, Jan! (Too much time on Facebook, I think!) I love hearing what other people use and like.

I had a link somewhere to “3 of the best cooking apps,” but now I can’t find it.

Oh, I forgot to reply to your comment about magazines. I subscribe to Self Magazine, and they give exclusive content to their subscribers, too. I was looking at my first online issue last night on my iPad. It was really neat. Makes the paper version rather boring!

I have a Nook Color and a Nook Tablet as well (I’m going to have to sell something!) Looking at a magazine on those is not as nice as looking at it on the iPad.

As far as I know, all iPhone apps work on the iPad – they are just lower resolution. (That is part of the “charm” of the iOS ecosystem.) Unless there really is an iPad/HD version of the knittinghelp app, which I’d love to have!

I don’t like using iPhone only apps because of they are so small on the screen or full of pixels when I make them 2x the size. I have an iPod touch and tend to use those apps on there. :blush: The knittinghelp app is an exception because it is easier to follow the videos on the larger screen, even at low resolution.

While I’m being honest, I use the iPhone Fisher-Price Big Foot Monster app on the iPad too – the kids prefer playing it there over the iPod even though I think it looks terrible. :wink:

Going back on topic, I only have two knitting apps, neither of them are HD/iPad optimized: KnittingHelp Video Reference and Knit Counter Lite.

I also have Goodreader for reading PDFs, but I don’t save patterns to my iPad. I open patterns online as I need them and read them in Safari.

Flipboard is awesome for social media and blogs – it turns them into a magazine format and is my favorite way for keeping up with the blogs I follow!

Which iPad do you have, Katie? Even though they aren’t HD I find on my iPad 3 that the text is sharp and the videos are pretty good even though they aren’t HD.

I do use Good Reader because I’d rather not sit in my computer room chair at the computer. I used to print patterns all the time, but now I can see many (not all) of them right on my iPad. I’ll probably be PDFing patterns now so I can use them on there! Can’t wait to use the test the annotation since I always use a pencil and paper or write on my patterns.