I got an iPad!

I have a first generation iPad, Jan. :slight_smile:

I’m tempted by the new one, but there isn’t any new feature that I’m dying to get – some that are nice to have, but none that I’m willing to upgrade for – and I don’t have any complaints about my iPad that a newer model can fix.

Except, apparently, screen resolution. :teehee:

That is one of the things that had me consider upgrading, but I really can’t justify it right now. Nearly everything I currently run is already iPad optimized, so I wouldn’t gain very much.

However, I may change my mind when newer apps pop up that won’t work with my outdated hardware. :think:

I just switched from a blackberry to an Iphone and I loooooooooove it. I didnt think I would but now I can’t ever imagine going back. Only problem I have is the battery doesn’t last very long.

It depends on what you’re doing with it. I find some games suck the life out of a battery, but others don’t. Reading books on the Kindle app is easy on the battery.

Since I got an iPad I generally play games on it instead and my phone battery lasts much longer.

BTW…the link in your sig to your friends website is incorrect. I think it’s .net not .com.

omg as if I put the URL incorrect! Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been doing the site for 10 years, you think I would know it by now haha

We’re a two IPad family and we don’t really use the computer anymore at home. We read, do mail, play games, skype… you name it. Congratulations.

Congrats on getting an ipad:cheering: :woohoo: :yay:

Hi, If you have a wireless router then you can just link in to your homes internet. You would only need a data plan if you want to surf the net, check email etc and are away from your home and are not in a WiFi friendly area. If you are with someone who has an Iphone they can become a “WiFi hotspot” so that you can use your IPad and access data by linking onto them. I am not sure if other smartphones have this wireless hotspot thing but it is great. I can use my laptop in the car just by enabling the hotspot app.

I know I can do that,but haven’t learned how yet. There’s an app for that? You need to use another device? I have an iPhone.

Right now I have a $15 a month data plan for my iPad. I turn off the data when I’m home or other wifi connection so it’s been fine and that’s not too much too spend for all the enjoyment I get out of it. I do want to learn about the hotspot though.

I am sorry I didn’t see your reply. If you have an IPhone you shouldn’t need a data plan with the Ipad as long as you have your iphone available. go to settings ( in Iphone) and click “Personal Hotspot” on. It will then show you what the password is. Then to connect your Ipad you just plug in the password when it asks if you want to connect to WiFi. I think you can have something like 10 devices hook in to your Hot Spot. I have used mine and others have as well. As long as you are within your allotted data plan eg 1 MG you should not incur further charges

I love my Iphone. It has a lot of the features that Ipad has. I really wanted an Ipad but found that it is almost as heavy as my MacBook. I read books, pay bills play scrabble Skype,and so much more with my iphone. I love it. I also have made short vacation videos with the IMovie app

You need to buy a Wireless Router to use with your DSL at home. These come as cheap as $20. You can get free WiFi a lot of places now, but buying a limited monthly 3G or 4G plan ( about $15/month) will enable you to use your iPad when you are not in range of a Wi-Fii network.

I do have a router and use wireless at home. I also have the $15 plan and only use it where I can’t get wireless.


It will work with your home DSL if you have a wireless network set up. What you can’t do is run a cable from your router and plug it into your iPad. Gotta have wireless.

It requires a subscription service to communicate via the cellular network (like your mobile phone uses). So if you intend to use it someplace wireless isn’t available, that’s sometimes handy.

I use mine most of the time on wireless. I’ve used it a few times on the cell network (for example, to pull up a map when we were traveling or post a picture to FB when we were vacationing).

LOVE my iPad! I bought the first version when it came out, then upgraded to the 2nd version (hubby is using the v1 hand-me-down). Not convinced yet to go to the v3 but watching to see what Apple comes up with for whatever is next.

I’m a gadget fan so I just love that stuff.

I had a 2 (which I sold to a friend) and now have a 3. I love it, such a great screen.

It is! I love mine and am using right now. :lol: I may see about getting a keyboard eventually. This two finger typing is for the birds. :zombie:

So, if I understand correctly, the iPad will receive a wireless signal anywhere there is free internet or my home DSL? I would not have to purchase a plan through my cellphone carrier?

How about, the Kindles or other (don’t know what they are called) that you download books onto? I’m guessing they have a wifi receiver too.

Can you tell that I am far behind in keeping up with new technology?

Would it make better sense to buy an iPad that allows for downloading books onto? Is there such a device?

Yes, they all have wifi so you can use it at home, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, or wherever there is free wifi. No need to purchase a separate plan unless you want to use it someplace that doesn’t have wifi and you can also get short term plans for traveling directly from your iPad… It’s cheaper to buy the iPad w/o 4G, but if you ever want the option you need to get the one with 4G.

Some Kindles have 3G, some are only wifi. Mine has both and when I get a new one I won’t bother with it. The device holds so many books that you can get them before you go somewhere. I’ve always got a bunch in queue. Lol I prefer reading on my Kindle to the iPad. iPads are fairly heavy to hold up for any length of time as you would for a book. Also the ipad reflects so its not good outside whereas the kindle is awesome. I do have a Kindle app if I want to though. There are other book readers. The main two are Kindle and Nook (Barnes and Noble). I don’t know much about Nook, but they are basically the same thing.

When I get a new Kindle I’m getting the Kindle Paperwhite! Hope to order it soon.

Jan answered most of your questions, I think.

If a device has wi-fi or is wi-fi enabled, that means that you can use it anywhere that there is wi-fi available, such as your home, if you have a wireless router, or a restaurant, hotel room, bookstore, that offer it. You are limited to places that allow you to connect your device to their network.

It is not the same as the 3G/4G/LTE services that are provided by cellphone carriers and have to be paid for. If you do not want to depend on wi-fi availability, then you want the device with the 3G/4G/LTE hardware and a service plan to go with it.

(I prefer wi-fi only; for me the extra hardware is an unnecessary expense.)

Some wi-fi networks are restricted or secure and you need a password to get onto them. Most of the time, “free wi-fi” is unsecure and you should be careful what kind of data you send and receive. It may be fine, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.

I’m confused about this part of your post:

The way an iPad works is that you purchase (mostly for free) applications (“apps”) to run on them. These apps can be managed by directly plugging your iPad into your computer and using iTunes. You can also use iTunes to download books, movies, music and whatever other content you want onto your iPad.

I have not figured out if you can download this type of content using iCloud; I always just manage my iPad when it is plugged in and don’t send anything to it when it is not.

If you have an app like Dropbox, you can download files to your iPad wirelessly and then open them with a reader app, such as BlueFire Reader (epub & PDF), GoodReader (PDF), or iBooks (epub). You can also import books directly onto your device using book reading apps that are tied to online stores such Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), Apple (iBooks) or Kobo (Kobo).

I hope that helps. I don’t do much reading on my iPad, because I find it too heavy to hold for more than a few minutes at a time and I have a dedicated ebook reader that I prefer to use. (Sony T1. I have a Kindle Keyboard too, but prefer the Sony. Both are wi-fi only, although I’m pretty sure the Sony does not have a cellular option.)