I found a great sugar cookie recipe!

It’s not too sweet, the dough holds together well and the cook up firm and are not crumbly! We will be decorting them this week and the frosting will add some sweetness so they’ll be perfect!

I have been looking for a long time. My stepmom makes cookies every year, but refuses to give out the recipe. Yes, she’s one of those people who’d rather take it to the grave than share it. :shrug: Anyhoo… my daughter and I had been searching for one that worked the same way and I think this is it! Yum!

BTW…I bought the winter cutters which include a cap, sweater, and mitten! I can’t wait to decorate those! :yay:

Thanks Jan, they look great! Those cookie cutters sound adorable, I just bought wrapping paper with hats and mittens and scarves on it too. Christmas + Knitting = AMAZING!

We’ve already made and eaten our cookies this year! They sure didn’t last long. I have my favorite sugar cookie recipe too, but I think I’d share it instead of keeping it a secret. My baked beans recipe on the other hand…

I don’t have little ones at home anymore and I was one of those moms that hated doing decorated cookies for Christmas so we did tons of other kinds.

Since we will be traveling at Christmas time this year, I am just taking homemade milk chocolate fudge, rice krispie squares and yummy giant chocolate chip cookies. I usually make kieflies, but not this year with the surgery too much standing.

Thanks for the recipe, Jan, I will have to check it out. They must be good she got an average of 4.5 stars with most giving 5 stars!

Nonny, what are kieflies?

They sound yummy. I’ve been looking for a good sugar cookie recipe and I might have to try these.

On a related topic, does anybody have a good recipe for sugar cookie icing? I want to make some to decorate with my nephew, but I haven’t made them for quite some time and I don’t remember what icing I used.


Jessica, this pdf has a great icing recipe- scroll down to the “buttercream icing” recipe. This is a fabulous sugar cookie recipe, too! My girls and I made the cookie christmas tree, and the cookies held up well. Of course, the tree only lasted a few days… :slight_smile:

edit: duh, it would be good if I added the link… http://www.wilton.com/recipes/articles/cookietreeinstructions.pdf

Kiflies are Hungarian, a light pastry dough base with a yummy walnut filling. They are not easy to make, my gramma and mom used to make them every Christmas and complain and grumble the whole time (of course they did it tongue in cheek–they knew we appreciated them!)

Very yummy if you can get the recipe just right!:heart:

MamaMer…you mean [I]dough[/I], right? :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding. I don’t guess I’ll ever get to try them!!

Oh my!:aww: Yes DOUGH!!!:teehee:

Thank you for not being offended by my comment! :slight_smile: I was on my way back here to change it when I saw you responded :slight_smile:

Back to the pastry. I read your description again, and it sounds mouth-watering! As I said, I’ll probably never have a chance to try them, but it kind of makes me think of bakalva (I know I didn’t spell that one right!!) which is awesome!! Do you know if they are generally sold in bakeries? I don’t think there is a lot of Hungarian influence here in Central Alabama, but I would love to find some!

If only I had some cream, I would make them right now.
I want some knitting inspired cookie cutters! What a cute idea!

Oh I have spent enough time on various message boards to not be offended at stuff-lol! Besides it was my faux pas!:teehee: Usually Firefox (my browser) underlines in red when I have spelled something wrong, but it doesn’t do it on this site for some reason.

I have never seen Kiflies at a bakery before. But I am sure there is a bakery somewhere that sells them–although you might be hard pressed to find them in 'Bama.:teehee: It is sorta like Baklava, there is just no honey on these. And the pastry is not as layered–it is more like a really buttery pie crust for lack of a better description…

I don’t think buttercream frosting will be good for cookies. It’s delicious, but it doesn’t harden properly unless this recipe is different. I haven’t looked yet. Most decorated cookies us Royal Icing. It’s generally made with either egg whites or meringue powder which give it the body to work with and it dries on the cookies. :wink:

I thought the same thing, but it really does work perfectly. I’ve never made ‘regular’ buttercream icing, but I guess this must be different. :slight_smile:

MamaMer - I looked up the recipe for Kiflies and see that it is probably way beyond my culinary skill level! At least now if I’m ever somewhere that offers them, I’ll have an idea what they are! Thanks again for the information!!

So it hardens like Royal Icing? You can stack them and the frosting doesn’t get on the back of the cookie? Good to know since buttercream frosting is yummy!

cool!! thanks for sharing!!

Looks good, I might have to give these a try!!!

I wouldn’t say it gets as hard as royal icing, but as long as you let them dry before stacking, you can stack them without getting icing on the back of the cookies. :slight_smile: If you don’t let it dry before stacking, you can build all kind of cool things with the cookies and icing! We made the christmas tree pictured in the link I posted, and the icing really does stick the cookies together well. :slight_smile: It’s amazingly versatile!