I did it!

:woot: [SIZE=5]I just ordered my Options!!! [/SIZE]


Holy buckets! I would have assumed that you have had them forever! anyway congrats:woohoo:

You are going to love them! Did you order any of the Harmony line?

:teehee: My daughter graduated this summer and we found that we were drowning in debt so I couldn’t afford them. DH just told me to get them though. He said you have to have the right tools! :cheering:

:psst: [SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]Plus he may feel a tad guilty because he has a boat (read $$$) and he takes art classes at college (a little more $) so it was my turn! :teehee:


You are going to love them! Did you order any of the Harmony line?

No, I just got the metal ones. I tried a few circs last year and loved them so I figured I’d go with what I know. I would like to try them someday though.

Oh you will love them! They are so shiney and pretty and smooth! Congrats and welcome to “the club.”

YAY!!! They are wonderful! I use them for EVERYTHING. Best purchase I ever made! (well, as far as knitting) LOL

:woot:Yay! You are going to be soooo happy to have the whole set!

Lauraknits–there’s something seriously wrong with your cat!:teehee:

Another convert ! After I got mine, I never looked back – but now those rainbows are whispering to me.

I love mine! They are all I use (well except when I had jury duty I used my Denise’s). I did just order some Harmony ones though…we’ll see how I like them.

I am LOL for real!! :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

time for a party! :teehee:
hope every one of them is perfect.

I’m extremely new here, can I ask what “Options” means?
Secondly, what differentiates one from “Junior” to “Senior”?
Thanks! Mary

When you get 100 posts you’ll switch to senior. :wink:

Options are interchangeable needles from Knitpicks that have taken the knitting world by storm. They also just came out with wood interchangeables.

Also, you can buy just a few if you want to try them out. That’s what I did and I fell in love with them. :teehee:

yay jan!! :yay:

dh said he might get them for me for christmas! :woot: i only have 4 and 7 to try them out, and i keep trying to find yarn and patterns in my stash to use them :teehee: i also have two of the fixed circs… i looooove the slickness and supple cable :heart:

Jan, all this time I thought you own the set. Love your shocked java emote. :slight_smile:

Ingrid Lauraknits–there’s something seriously wrong with your cat!:teehee:
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
[LEFT][COLOR=Blue]Jan that is[/COLOR]

Yayyy!! Options are the best! I don’t think I’d be as into knitting as I am if I hadn’t purchased them. I love them as much as chocolate. :slight_smile:

Oh Jan you are going to love them. That is how I felt when I got mine. So congrats:clink:enjoy playing with them.