I did it!

Well it’s about time! Welcome to the dark side!

Congratulations! It’s obviously a big club. Hope you love them as much as I love mine!

congratulations!!! i’m with the other poster who said she is much more into knitting with the options than without.

i did order size 7 of the harmony tips as well as 0 and 1 in the fixed circs for socks. i’m hoping the size 7 tips will give me a little bit better grip on this alpaca laceweight i’ve been wrestling with. i’m supposed to be making wisp for mom’s birthday. but it was monday and i only have 4 repeats done b/c it’s so stinking hard!

:woot:WAY TO GO … you are going to LOVE them!! :woot:

:blooby:you will love them… mom ordered the harmony set… I hope she gets them before she comes up here so I can see them…:teehee:

He is a goofy animal! That’s one of his favorite sleeping poses!:teehee:

Congratulations! Have fun with them!

There’s no going back now! :teehee:

Thanks everyone! I can’t wait! Now I can take that socks on two circs class!

Shouldn’t I be going over to the light side now? :teehee:

I have to say when when I first joined a few months ago I thought y’all were a bit nutty being gaga over your needles. I had only been knitting a few months and thought needles were needles. Could I have been more wrong? I love love love my options. I started with one pair just to see but I quickly graduated. My dd loves using them for her projects too. May have to get her her own set for Christmas. Just thought of that. Then we wouldn’t have to share.

Oh I know! I was the same way. Same thing with yarn… now I know. :roflhard:

I checked the website and it said being processed or pending. I got the email though that said they shipped today! :woohoo:

Before I started knitting, I thought there was only one kind of yarn. Silly.