I did it! I finally finished my first sweater! [PICS]

i finally finished my very first sweater and it was a nice challenge. i was having problems with the sleeves bec. they were coming out too big and i had to go down one needle size. this sweater is from schoeller stahl, i got the pattern from elann.com. the yarn is wool and arcrylic and is very soft and stretchy. i made this for my little sister who is much smaller than i am so i hope it fits her better.

now, can anyone help me with the zipper situation? it’s horrible. i’ve never put a zipper on a sweater before and it’s all wavy. what can i be doing wrong? should i change to a plastic zipper? are there any zipper experts out there???


That was your first sweater?? WOW, that is amazing. :notworthy: Gorgeous, and I’m sure your sister will love it.

So beauitful! You should be super proud of yourself and I’m sure your sister will love it!

I know nothing about zippers, but that’s beautiful!

Wow, that is amazing! I cant believe thats yor first sweater, it looks so hard. I love the blue!

thank you! i can’t believe it myself :happydance: the blue is actually not as bright as it seems in the pictures. can’t wait for my sister to see it. she better not shrink it or she’s dead! :eyebrow:

I have no idea about the zipper, but the sweater is absolutely gorgeous! :inlove: Beautiful color too. Your sister is one lucky gal!

That looks great! :cheering: Awesome job!

No zipper knowledge here, but the sweater looks gorgeous!! :cheering: :inlove: :cheering:

My goodness, what a gift!!! :inlove:


[size=7][/size]DA BEARS! GO BEARS!

You did it! It looks fabulous–I think it turned out much better than mine. How did you end up making the sleeves work?

Here’s a pretty good zipper tutorial:


Wow, that is a great sweater. That is a STUNNING first sweater. wow.

beautiful! :notworthy: love the color! hope mine turns out as good as yours… don´t think so, but i keep trying! :wall:

Wow! That is an amazing sweater period, but a first sweater like that - WOW! Way to go!

WOW – beautifull work! And entirely awe-inspiring that it’s your first!!! :heart:

Wow. That is so cute! It looks great on you!

Amazing! I love the detail on the body. :inlove:

The zipper is likely buckling because it’s so snug-if your sister’s a little smaller than you are (which is hard to imagine!!) then it should calm down a little.

Wow, that came out fantastic! You should be proud.
Now, I went to elann.com to look for the pattern and couldn’t find it. What’s the name of it?

WOW! that is beautiful. you’ve got skills!