I did it! I finally finished my first sweater! [PICS]

Oh my gosh your first, I must say you did a wonderful job I havent finished my first yet I have to do some adjustments. But I hope it turns out as good as yours. I love the style and color. Great job! :hug:

:cheering: That is a very beautiful sweater! It looks just wonderful. I’d love the name of that pattern too!

WOW! :notworthy:
I found the yarn & pattern at Elann’s for anyone interested:

Cabled, Zipped Jacket pattern

:inlove: with your first sweater!!! Excellent!!!

Wow!! :inlove: And even more WOW that it’s your first sweater!! Yay for you!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: Stunning!!!


:notworthy: Excellent work, lovely color, nice job!

Edit: I forgot to say: Zippers 101. I don’t know the author, but it seems like good information.

:heart: Absolutely beautiful!!!

WOW! I absolutely love the cable pattern. I can’t believe it 's your FIRST sweater! So professional. :cheering:

[color=indigo]WOW, Sarah! That’s a really impressive first sweater. :cheering: Beautiful pattern.

As I recall, my first sweater turned out with three sleeves and no neck opening.

Knit on, chere, knit on! :happydance:

Peace [/color]

thanks everyone! i gave the sweater to my sister and here is she posing with it…it looks better on her (thank god!) because she is smaller. she put the thing on and didn’t take it off all night.

mer, i made the sleeves smaller by just going down a size in needles. this made a huge difference and because the sweater is so stretchy i had no problems sewing it in place. and thanks for the zipper tutorial, i’m going to save it for next time. my sister took the sweater as is and wouldn’t let me take it back to put in a better zipper so i guess she will deal with it later :shrug:

landolphe, that was too funny about your first sweater with the 3 sleeves :rofl:

i’m glad someone found the pattern because it took me a while to respond here since i’ve been so busy with my two little monsters. any questions on this sweater please feel free to contact me. the pattern instructions are vague and very difficult to decipher and takes a ton of patience.

WOW :thud: :yay: That is one beautiful sweater :cheering: Glad your sister loved it.

:notworthy: Your sweater is absolutely gorgeous! And for it to be a first sweater…well my mouth is hanging open. You give me hope that I can do a sweater some day too. That pattern would be lovely on my daughter.

Do you mind me asking, how long did you work on it? If that’s too nosey just smack my hands and ignore the question :slight_smile:

You did a lovely job.


Just amazing! :inlove:

And just look at the grin on your sister’s face!

This is your first sweater!~ :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

It looks great! I love it

knitpeachy, you’re not being nosey, that’s important information :teehee: . i started the sweater in october and just finished it last week, so about 3 months. i would have done it faster had i not had two toddlers to take care of 24/7. there were days that i did not touch the thing only because i just needed a break from it. if you plan on making this sweater for your daughter you can contact me if any questions. it helps to have someone who’s already worked on it to help guide you through it.

all i can say is if i did it so can you :happydance: