I can take it- is this hideous? improved #16

Please be honest- I made this drop stitch ribbon scarf as a present for my secretary. she’s a lovely, colorful, vibrant person and I thought this beautiful ribbon yarn would be perfect for her.

but now that it is finished, I’m thinking it is hideous.

What to do?!

I do have back- up ideas, so it wouldn’t be a total disaster if I didn’t give it. But I just love the fall colors. (sigh)

Hrmmm… I like it. I think I would like it more as a super skinny scarf. My best friend is one of those very colorful individuals, and she likes it too.

I think it’s lovely and vibrant. Not quite my colors, but definately lovely nonetheless.

If she is a vibrant person, I think she will just love this. Go for it!

I think it’s hideous. You’d better send it right off to me so I can… ummm… make sure she never sees it.
Honestly, I absolutely LOVE it! I’m not a particularly vibrant person but I could find at least 5 things in my closet right now to wear with that scarf. I like the colors AND the stitch.

Hey, I LOVE it! I would go ahead and give it to her. I mean, if she really loves bright, vibrant colors, she will love it. It’s beautiful.

Colorful scarf for a colorful person, I think using the ribbon with those colors adds to the greatness. :yay:


I think it looks really nice, personally not for me but it is really bright and colorful.

I agree with above, maybe if it was made into a skinnier scarf.

I like the colors but I think I would like the scarf better if it was skinny.

Yes I agree a skinnier scarf would look better… I love the colours and she will definitely be noticed wearing it xx

thanks everyone I feel a little better- I like the idea of a skinnier scarf- maybe I’ll make it again with half the stitches.

she loves bright happy colors and wears flamboyant clothing, and I really thought the colors would be perfect. so, I think I’ll make it skinnier…

thank you!!!

It Looks great! I think it would look better being a bit longer or as a skinnt scarf but it still looks lovelt as it is . I like all the colours . :slight_smile:

I think it’s beautiful, but it’s not something I would wear myself. You see her every day… does she like bright colors and wear them? I do think a [U][I]long[/I][/U] skinny scarf might be a better bet…then it becomes a fashion statement. :wink:

I agree with others about making it skinnier and a lot longer.

I blocked the h*ll out of it, and now it is 5 1/2 feet long. I also found coordinating glittery yarn for fringe. I think it is much improved- thanks SO much for all the suggestions.

Wow! Your additions made it look really festive and holiday-ish. I liked it before, but it seems so much…happier now. I actually made myself a few long skinny scarves out of LB’s Incredible. I get complimented on them whenever I wear them, so I think your friend will definitely get noticed while wearing this one!

Oh, I know what it reminds me of! A Christmas tree! (We always had really colorful and bright Christmas trees growing up. No plain 'ol white lights for our household. It was color or nothing!)

:happydance: she will love it!!! great job

Just gorgeous :slight_smile: Looks even better now.:slight_smile: