I Almost Fell Off My Chair

After I parked my rig for the night I accidentally walked over to a pub for a couple of cold ones before turning in for the night. Being Sunday night the place wasn’t overly busy, mostly a few truckers and some locals.

Naturally I took my knitting backpack along. I was sitting at the bar working on the alpaca vest when this guy walked over and asked what kind of yarn I was using as he could tell (from the other end of the bar) that it wasn’t wool.

I was shocked that this guy knew enough about fibers that he recognized that I wasn’t using sheep wool. I told him it was alpaca and he checked it out, felt it, etc. while explaining that he used to raise llamas.

He asked about my project, how long I’d been knitting, and all of that. He doesn’t knit but said that his wife does. Once he returned to where he was sitting I could here him having a long conversation with his friends about alpacas, llamas, and knitting in general.

I was truly shocked by the whole thing although I guess I shouldn’t have been.

My stepfather raises sheep and is very knowledgeable about wool. He’s a big tough farm guy, but probably would have said something to you too, since I knit and he loves to talk about wool!:yay:

Hiya Mason

I’m shocked AND horrified - fancy that bloke not recognising an alpaca vest when it’s staring him in the face! Tut! Men!:teehee:

All the Best

That’s a great story. I would’ve had to walk over and talk to you too. I don’t get to talk knitting with people (other than you folks) without having people’s eyes glaze over.


Bummer he doesn’t raise them anymore–!! I was sure the story was going to end with you getting some free haul! :wink:

That’s kinda cool! :thumbsup:

You always run into very interesting people.

You always run into very interesting people

Of course he does, he’s a trucker. Some of the most interesting people in a very small world haul the stuff that you and I couldn’t get if not for them putting up with the life style of a driver.

Cool. I enjoy reading your knitting in public stories. :slight_smile:

Accidentally huh… a likely story… one I will use in the future!

Accidently, huh? :wink: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Like I “accidently” find myself in the bookstore or the yarn shop. :shifty:

I could only hope to find a husband who’s that in-tune with my knitting!

That is awesome!! I probably would have been floored too.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too! :teehee:

Mason, I love your stories! Thanks for sharing :happydance:

Mason, don’t ever stop sharing…lol You bring humor & laughter along w/ your knitting know how…

Thanks for being you…

(Accidently… I remember the kids always using that line… not saying I didn’t as well, lol)

How cool! i’m going to start taking my knitting to dog shows and see what happens. although i’m usually too busy, but one never knows.

Hmmm, accidentally. I went on the KP site and accidentally gave them my DH’s credit card number and accidentally they claim I ordered a set of Harmony sock needles (which have not come in the mail yet).

So I can see how you would accidentally walk to the bar and accidentally order a few cold ones!

You of all people should not have been shocked that a big burly man approached you to talk about your yarn. I am surprised that you were shocked! LOL.

You are so much fun Mason. I love hearing your stories. If you ever get up to Ontario, it would be fun to meet you I think!


hmmm. I seem to have had the same accident the other day. Seems Harmony sock needles must be prone to “accidents”:roflhard: