I Almost Fell Off My Chair

First of all…I love how you accidentally ended up in a pub. I “accidentally” do lots of stuff too.

Secondly…I think it’s great that he approached you. Because that is exactly the kind of guy who would probably be uncomfortable approaching one of us ladies to have the same conversation. I think that’s awesome!:thumbsup: (And a big dorky thumbs up for you, just because I feel like it.)


I’ve found that most people can be interesting if you can break the ice and get them talking. I don’t have a shy bone in my body so I can usually strike up a conversation with just about anyone.

No, really. It was purely by accident. I was heading for the church and took a wrong turn.


That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


you are great! please post photos of the vest…i can’t wait to see it.

ok, i have to admit…i have a soft spot for long haul truckers…my dad was one <grin>. though, he never knitted…


Yeah, I shouldn’t have been but it was a total surprise.

So, I want to know what special service the church was holding on a Monday night? When you were done in the pub, did you feel blessed (or just broke)?

It was Sunday and yeah, I felt fairly blessed. I was still able to walk a straight line back to my truck :rofl:

That’s blessed enough. Glad you had a good time with your friend JD (it was supposed to be your friend JC though if you had turned in the correct direction). :roflhard:

Well, I figure He’s around pretty much all the time, don’t need a special building for that ya know.

Well there was holy water there, or was that fire water… doesn’t matter what building you are in, so long as your heart is in the right place. MY DH says to tell you “one for Jesus, one for me, one for Jesus, one for me, one for Jesus hic, one vor meeeeeeeee, one for Jess hic, two for da road. Bartender, put this on Jess’ tab!”

Good answer IMHO!


Naturally I took my knitting backpack along. I was sitting at the bar working on the alpaca vest when this guy walked over and asked what kind of yarn I was using as he could tell (from the other end of the bar) that it wasn’t wool.

I was shocked that this guy knew enough about fibers that he recognized that I wasn’t using sheep wool. I told him it was alpaca and he checked it out, felt it, etc. while explaining that he used to raise llamas.

I find it highly amusing that a trucker sitting in a pub knitting finds it shocking that a guy in the pub knows about wool!:rofl:

That is exactly what dh says. You so remind me of my son. I have a picture of him taken a few years back with his beard and hat. Looks so much like your avatar. He was a tanker driver for years. Now works for a Tow Truck company.

Yeah, go figure :rofl:

That’s cool, that you met someone who knew about wool and knitting! My 15yo daughter comes out of her shell, when she gets to talk about knitting!

If I ever meet another person who even knits (much less in public) I too will be shocked! Be they male OR female! LOL! It’s amazing, we hang around here and on Ravelry so much it seems like the WHOLE WORLD knits, then we go out into the “real” world and find out they don’t…but they SHOULD!!! :wink:

Gosh, I work in mental health, and you wouldn’t belive how many times I have said to myself " I wish they would try to take up knitting!" LOL, I know it’s not for everyone but goodness, it sure has helped me with my anxiety issues!

I couldn’t agree more!

You are also a blessing. I love your stories!