Huggable Hedgehog - Show me yours!

I would love to see some FO and pre-FO photos! I am currently knitting one, anyone else want to knit one with me??

The yarn

OMG! Thats CUTE!

so anyone wanna knit this with me?!

It looks familiar - where is the pattern from?

(My son was playing ball in the kitchen and spilled a glass of water on top of my laptop. I lost all bookmarks and PDF patterns!)

Fibertrends HUggable Hedgehog. I picked it up at my LYS in the felted patterns section!

I made one last year…here’s mine before and after! This was a fun knit!! His name is Iggy :heart:

awe he’s cute!!

I’d love to make one… but getting a FibreTrends pattern here in Australia is a major PITA … .:frowning:

Here’s mine, just getting started on the neck/face. It looks kinda like a chicken carcass at this point. :lol:

This pattern is a hoot! We’ll see how the dark purple color works out.

Sorry about the icky flash shot, it’s dark and rainy this morning.

thats a great photo, I love what you picked out and the furry stuff too goes well!

I finished the front and I plan to use a different color yarn for the back to better make the fun fur stuff blend, so the paler green doesn’t show through and make him look like he’s balding. So I have to wind that yarn into a hank and get back to it! this helps motivate me hehe. Yours looks great! My next step is knitting hte contrasting paws.


Thanks for the kind words! I finished the face this afternoon. I’m waiting on some Elann Peruvian Highland wool to do the contrast color on the paws. Hopefully that’ll show up this week. I’m torn between using black, or using gray (I’ve got some of both on the way). Gray may actually show up better against the dark purple than black would.

I like your idea of knitting a matching color with the furry yarn to avoid the mangy look. The furry stuff I chose is fairly dark, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!

My current status:

Yeah I think yours will look fine, for mine I have a very pale green with bright/dark blue hair so it’ll look better I think, yours will belnd nicley!

these are so cute! everytime i see them i want one! one day!

My Elann order came in yesterday, and I decided to use a medium heather gray for the paws. I think it looks pretty good. I managed to do 3 paws before I had to head in to work. Oh well, I gotta pay for yarn somehow. :wink:

Here’s the picture from this morning:

I would love to make the hedgehog but I need to get the pattern first. Since I am leaving Saturday for vacation I called one of the local yarn stores where I am going and they can order it for me if they don’t have it.

I’m working on the back of my hedgie. Doing the short row wraps and turns with the fun fur isn’t as hard as I was afraid it would be. He’s really looking like a hedgehog now!

These wee fellows are gorgeous, I think I might just have to look into getting this pattern ;D

He’s finished!

Well, he still needs eyeballs and a nose. :slight_smile: More details on my blog.

This pattern is just awesome. My sister’s birthday isn’t til August, so I have plenty of time to make one or more siblings for this guy. Hedgehog army!

He looks great!! :cheering:

Wow! He knit up quick… didnt’ he???

I found out yesterday that my LYS (Tapestry Craft) DOES sell some of the Fibre Trends patterns… WOO!!!