Huggable Hedgehog - Show me yours!


Thank you for the comments! Yeah, he knit up very quickly. Once he started taking shape, I just didn’t want to put the needles down. I can’t wait to see everyone’s versions! There are so many different colors and types of fur yarns that can be used.

I bought some eyes and a nose for him at Joann Fabrics (my local AC Moore and Michaels only carry glue-on googly eyes :-(). Just for the heck of it I went with more realistic eyeballs as opposed to the solid black. Here’s the final result. One of my friends told me he looks like he’s wearing a rainbow clown wig. :slight_smile:



Once I finish my sweater and my DS’s blankie, I think I’ll need to make one for him :smiley:


well I knit the hole front right, then i tried to do the paws, and i could only pick up 10 stitches not the 12 called for, otherwise i got holes trying to pick up too many! Then okay, When i seamed those they just make me angry lol!!! I don’t see how mine won’t turn out wonky… I think im being too particular or something…


Just remember that felting is very forgiving. Your knitting does NOT have to be perfect for the end result to look stunning!



Definitely don’t stress over the paws. A couple stitches more or less won’t matter. They’ll felt up and turn out fine! I missed a couple rows in the back shaping, and you can’t tell at all.


I completely screwed up the back because I lost my place…I just winged it and it came out fine! You’ll be fine, Pixie! :heart:


well I got my knitting mojo back after like over a week of everything being a disaster so I’'m going to attempt the paws again here very soon and have some progress pics to show etc lol.


I got my pattern today… not sure when I’ll cast on, but I’m thinking this will be a GREAT stash buster.


Hello fellow knitters…I just learned of this site a few days ago and I ran across this wonderfully cute hedge hog. I am not such a patient person to wait for a pattern to be shipped to me so I called my LYS and to my delightment they had ONE left!! It must have been my lucky day!! So, I drove to my LYS and picked up the pattern and enough yarn to make two. One will have an apple green body with pink/white/apple green back and the other will have a plum body with dk. green/lt. green/plum back. I just started on the apple green one and am very excited to complete my very first hedgie!! I will post a picture when she is complete =)


I started my Hedgie last night and I just finished the front with the apple green yarn. Here she is…quite funny looking and you can see why I call her a “she”… she looks like she has a “chest”… LOL.



I love your color choices! Yes, she does seem rather “well-endowed” in the chestal region. :lol: What type of yarn is the apple green? It seems to have a really cool handdyed look.


CrazyCatLady - I used a wool called Malabrigo Worsted in Apple Green! It is beautiful and I belive it is hand died due to the variations in green coloring. I have never used it before but the LYS gal said it felts beautifully. I hope to finish her today to see. I will post a pic later =) now i just gotta find where I can get the eyes and nose!!


Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh…a Malabrigo Hedgehog. SO adorable. I wonder if the LYS in Arlington has the pattern?


Here is what I have done so far…she is ready to be felted…yayyyyyy!! I am so excited to see her felted…





She’s looking great!!! I can’t wait to see her all felted up!


I’ve decided that I definitely want to make one of these. I think I’m headed to my LYS today to see if they’ve got the pattern.


Hedgie is complete =)


She is soooo cute!!! :cheering: Great job!!! I love how their little arms reach out for a hug. :slight_smile:


I’ve ordered my pattern, and hopefully it will come soon so I can go get my yarn next weekend!