How do you store/organize your knitting tools?

I have hanging organizers for my knitting needles… and some plastic carts for my yarn…

But what about the scissors, tape measures, row markers, row counters, tapestry needles, and all of the other tools??

I was wondering how everyone organizes their tools and if anyone has suggestions for me. :slight_smile:

Joann’s has a few things for organizing smaller stuff, as does Herrschner’s, but I want to hear how everyone else does this because there are so many little things to keep track of!

my oranization project so far…

plus I have two cheapo make up bags. Small ones. I use these to keep in my project bag of the moment. It holds small scissors and everything I need for the project.

I use the tins that mints and gum come in nowadays…perfect for holding safety pins and stitch markers. I can actually get scissors, tape measure, sticky notes, stich markers, and safety pins in one of mine.

Use whatever works…I use whatever I have on hand.

ditto! I use Altoids cans all the time!!~ Works great holds my stitch markers, point protectors and etc… works great

When I first started out, I got a cheapo toolbox with lots of little compartments for doodads and a large open area for current projects. But have I been using it? No. Usually everything ends up in a big all-purpose basket and I fish out stuff when I need it.

I posted the outside of the basket in Pattern Central last week, but here is the inside. Everything I use for knitting is in one place. My circular needles are stacked under the box containing all the small items, tapestry needles, markers, needle tips, tape measure, etc.

Judy D

Where did you find that basket, it is gorgeous and holds everything.

I made the basket myself because I wanted all my tools in one place.


[color=blue]I love it Judy! :heart: I have a basket as well but not lined and as well organized as yours :notworthy:


Wow Judy - that basket is amazing.

If you decided to make them and sell them I owuld be at the front of the line to buy one.


Thank you, ladies! :notworthy:

I decided to share the pictures of my basket for anyone who cares to make one. I have thought it over very carefully and decided not to produce them myself for several reasons. The first being how expensive a basket it turns out to be and how teeny-tiny any profit would be, if any at all. The second reason is time…I’m still working part-time at medical transcription, am committed to making baby blankets for my church and charity sewing, and want to have time for my own projects and not fall behind on the regular ADLs…i.e., I’d like to complete most of my planned projects before I die!!!


I keep a makeup bag in my project bag for my small stuff and I use an empty film container for my stitch markers.

I’m still working on the “home organization” aspect. :oops:

:psst: altoid cans! thats an ingenius idea.

Judy, that is BRILLIANT!!

I wouldn’t know where to get the stuff to weave a basket like that…


I feel a felting project coming on… :wink:

Wow, that basket is amazing!

now, for those of you suggesting tins and baskets and stuff… WHERE do you keep these things? I guess I don’t really have a place. Maybe I need to get a dresser to keep some yarn and my tools in. :oops: (notice I didn’t say ALL yarn)

clinique’s free gift bags is how I store my dpn and my notions. My Dad just made me a ‘sea chest’ of sorts to store everything in in one place. I posed pics on my blog yesterday. I didn’t have my swift he made in it for the pic, but if I slant it just right (and don’t fill the box on that end) it fits too. Yea for crafty Dads!

We have a study area (my hubby needs one for his music equipment), so I have installed a cupboard from IKEA in there to store all that stuff…

My stash (not real big) is in rubbermaid containers in the guest room closet. I keep my circs and needle roll in another rubbermaid box down there. My pink Denise needles I’ve been keeping in my knitting bag because they’re new and I love em! :heart: I keep stitch markers, etc in a little tin. I have a Vera Bradley pencil case that holds the tin plus stitch holders, crochet hook, scissors, pencil, post-its, tape measure, etc.

That basket Judy posted is great. If you can’t weave but can sew, it wouldn’t be too hard to find a basket that would work and then make the insert.

I use an old 1950s buffet with glass sliding doors to house my small, but growing stash. I have three leather covered wood baskets on top to hold novelty yarns. On each of the glass enclosed shelves, I have those fabric lined, two drawer wicker baskets that I placed yarned based on gauge and color.

In the open area, I have all my books & magazines lined up along with another two drawer wicker basket organizer that houses my needles & tools. Then one larger basket that contains current projects in ziplock storage bags.

I have two more door enclosed shelves for growing space. :teehee:

For everyday: I use two 5" crystal vases to hold dp’s, 6" ruler, crochet hooks, etc. AND two 2" crystal vases to hold small scissors, tapestry needle, tweezers, etc. All the little things that I need readily “at hand” whilst in my ‘knitting place’.
For travel: I use two tapesty zippered cases and take just the essentials for my projects.
On the grand scale: I purchased a unique oak chest that is 25" wide facing me, and only 7" tall. It has 18 little drawers (about 5" deep) that hold all of my knitting notions such as point protectors, brass safety pins, stitch markers, tape measures, etc. This oak chest sits right in front my ‘knitting place’ on the ‘coffee table’.
If anyone is interested, I will post a digital photo of this chest. I purchased it at a craft fair/swap meet from a retired gentleman who is a woodworker. I LOVE MY LITTLE OAK CHEST! :heart:
For my circs collection: I use 6 circ cases: 3 tapesty, 3 toile. The tapestry cases were pricey from a LYS…the cotton toile cases are GREAT and inexpensive… purchased from a little gal on Ebay. I think she has an Ebay shop. If anyone is interested, I will post a link if I can locate it.
The Art Lady

Compulsive… I HAVE to see that in a photo… :smiley:

I love 1950’s furniture :smiley: