How do you store/organize your knitting tools?

For everyday: I use two 5" crystal vases to hold dp’s, 6" ruler, crochet hooks, etc. AND two 2" crystal vases to hold small scissors, tapestry needle, tweezers, etc. All the little things that I need readily “at hand” whilst in my ‘knitting place’.
For travel: I use two tapesty zippered cases and take just the essentials for my projects.
On the grand scale: I purchased a unique oak chest that is 25" wide facing me, and only 7" tall. It has 18 little drawers (about 5" deep) that hold all of my knitting notions such as point protectors, brass safety pins, stitch markers, tape measures, etc. This oak chest sits right in front my ‘knitting place’ on the ‘coffee table’.
If anyone is interested, I will post a digital photo of this chest. I purchased it at a craft fair/swap meet from a retired gentleman who is a woodworker. I LOVE MY LITTLE OAK CHEST! :heart:
For my circs collection: I use 6 circ cases: 3 tapesty, 3 toile. The tapestry cases were pricey from a LYS…the cotton toile cases are GREAT and inexpensive… purchased from a little gal on Ebay. I think she has an Ebay shop. If anyone is interested, I will post a link if I can locate it.
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I guess I didn’t word my statement correctly as I didn’t mean to imply I had made the actual basket. I’ve tried a lot of things, but weaving baskets isn’t one of them. :verysad: It’s a Brookside ashwood basket made in Greenfield, MA. I love their baskets because they’re reasonably priced and hold up very well…and also the only basket I found amongst hundreds that was the right size and depth and didn’t have handles already.


Sure thing! I need to purchase a camera since one of my munchkins allowed a friend break mine. I guess I could buy one if I stopped buying knitting stuff. :roflhard:

I’ll try to do that for you & post it in my blog next weekend when I have some mad money.

I keep my WIP in a plain jane canvas tote bag from Hobby Lobby~ $3 I always get one with lots of pockets. The altoids tin goes in the side pockets so I can always find my stuff~
At the house I keep my yarn in clear plastic tubs so I can always see what is in my stash~ :eyebrow:

I love altoids tins for holiding little stuff like needles, stitch markers, and my scissors which fold in half to fit in their exactly. A great gift from hubby last xmas. I still have yet to find the perfect system for needles. I have a tall square wooden thingy (like a vase but could not hold water) and that holds all my needles mismatched and unorganized. I have covered crates to hold yarn. Just purchased those magazine holders for my knitting mags. Now, what to do with all of the books and patterns that I keep printing off. Yikes!

u could keep the patterns in a 3-ring binder. thats what i do

I got as far as the binder, but now I have to organize everything IN the binder. :shock: That is my project for this weekend.

I got as far as the binder, but now I have to organize everything IN the binder. :shock: That is my project for this weekend.[/quote]

try going from head to toe

  1. head things: hats, headbands, etc.
  2. scarves
  3. body things: shrugs, sweaters, etc.
  4. lower body things: skirts and such
  5. leg things: legwarmers, garters, etc.
  6. socks

Thanks so much. What a great idea. And simple too. I should have been able to figure that one out on my own! :oops:

I have a Bin for my Stash
I keep certain “types” of yarns in Shopping bags
my cheap acrylic is in a bag that used to have a blanket in it (clear, zippered)
my Frequently used DPN are in a vase by my bedside
I HAVE a rigging bag to hold all my stuff in general (lots of pockets, 2 layers of pockets around the rectangle bag made of canvas)
I have a cheep bookshelf for all my knitting books (and a few others)
I have a old fashioned washer basket to hold my “teaching knitting” stuff

and I have committed to work down my stash this year


I got this new fancy shmancy DPN case at my LYS recently. I am lovin’ on it but it does show me that I am obsessive about collecting DPNs that I don’t really much like using!..:teehee:

[color=blue]oo I like that needle case! I have my needles in a zippered bag that pillow cases came in. Straight needles in a map tube-Yarn in plasic tubs and current project in basket beside the rocker. All of the patterns that I print off the web or make copies of are in sleaves in a notebook… not well organized but it is a start lol.

Happy New Year all!


I just got a bug up my butt yesterday and came home from work and made myself a needle holder :teehee: I didn’t know what needles it was going to be for, but it turned out to be the perfect size for my set of bamboo dpns :cheering: I will post a pic this weekend when I get the ribbon sewn on. It’s not perfect, but it only took me 2 hrs to make (sewing can be so much more of an instant gratification than knitting!) :roflhard:

coffee can for straight needles.

nails in the wall for circs

1970’s clear plastic kitchen canister with rounded red top for DPN’s and scrap yarn (my family used to contain popcorn kernels in it when i was growing up.)

this serving bowl for keeping beads, tapestry needles, cable needles and odds and ends

an old 3’ x 4’ bookshelf designed to hold kids books, i think, for all of my yarn.

When home, I keep all my craft stuff in or on a huge rubbermaid tub that sits in the middle of my bedroom floor. I fish out whatever I feel like taking to college at the moment. My big skeins of yarn are kept in a backpack that hangs in my closet, or in two stacked bins beside my desk. In the top bin I keep all my patterns, too - I have a binder for sheet patterns. novelty yarn and scrap yarn gets rolled into balls andplaced into little bags I made from old blue jean legs (blue jeans never go to waste in my family). needles go into another one, which has a pocket on the outside big enough for sewing needles, small scissors, stitch holders, markers, and so on. I have a little holder for crochet hooks that I keep in here, too. dpns all get kept in a plastic bag, which makes it a pain to find a set that’s all the same size if I want to use my bamboo ones, and circs each have their own baggy with their size listed on it. I don’t have too many circs, I prefer dpns unless I’m working on somethings really big.

Love the basket!

My WIP’s tend to be all over the place. I have a couple in a small basket, some in an Art Deco candy bowl (at least I think it’s a candy bowl), some in purses. My needles and little implements are in two large utensil organizers, stacked on top of each other. And my circulars are in an old CD case I wasn’t using. Yarn is in those giant Ziplocks.

And I am much less organized than all of this sounds as I tend to forget to put things back in their proper place.

ha, the funny thing is i just thought of it when i read ur reply. i still gotta go organize my binder :teehee:


I’m going to reorganise my folder this week :smiley:

Lemme see…

  • I bought a bunch of the single zippered pockets from the KP Options binder and keep all the cords for my interchangeables there, plus cable needles, etc. Each pocket’s labelled with the size of cords.

  • I have four of these solution boxes (the ones with 3-18 compartments) to keep all of my dpn’s. I just labelled the lids with the size of dpn in each compartment. I also have a couple of the large ones (they’re lil’ over 12 in. long x 9in. wide), where I keep the piles of stitch markers, safety pins, crochet hooks, etc etc.

  • My Denises have their own case ^^

  • For projects, I have small tote bags, depending on what I’m working on. If the project’s close to completition and I have many pieces to put together, I keep the whole thing in a larger bin so I know where things are (and keep the cat off of 'em).

  • My straight needles are in a small tote bag I found at Target once. It won’t hold a skein of yarn, but it has a lot of lil’ pockets that fit the needles well.

On a side note…I was buying a backpack at the Army Surplus store the other day, and I couldn’t help noticing that there are a lot of small satchels with many compartments, that would make perfect knitting bags … plots :angelgrin:

My organization is a bit disheveled, but it works for me, for the most part.

My yarn is kept in several places … some is in lined baskets on the bookshelf, so it can be beautifully displayed of course. Some is boxed in those big plastic totes … of which I need to buy a second with all my yarn. Still more is in those mesh laundry baskets … one so far, but I need another. And even more is still in the bag it came home in from SAFF.

My straight and double pointed needles are in a rolled up needle case I made from two printed bandannas, but as I get more I find I need even more. My circulars are in desparate need of a way to organize them, but I think I’m going to pick up a case I saw on

My notions are kept in little cheap make-up bags … you know, the kind you get at Wal*Mart for $0.99? Yeah, those. I have one that perfectly fits all the notions I carry, including a little tape measure, my stitch holders, my film case of stitch markers, a pen, some post-it notes, some safety pins, a handful of mints (yes, mints. Melanie at SAFF says mints are -necessary!) … crochet hooks, yarn needles, and anything else I find necessary. In fact, I have teo such cases, one for the car for when I don’t bring my usual bag, and one that stays in the bag.