How do you say "Alpaca"?

I have always pronounced it al-PA-ca. But when discussing yarns with 2 other people they would say, al-PACK-a. How do you say it?

Aren’t they both correct? One more Spanish than the other?

Maybe they are both correct, but I feel like I’m pronouncing it wrong when I say alPAca around two people saying it the other way.

Al = as in Al Bundy
a = uh


I’ve never heard al-pa-ca and cannot find that pronounciation on the web…

I have found multiple sites specifying all-pak-ah

My parents neighbors are raising a whole herd of alpacas on their farm and here’s how I heard their pronounciation:

al-PACK-uh. From some al-PACK-uh farmers!!!


I say it the same as you Jackie… something about saying al-pack-uh feels wrong. Although growing up in Michigan I’ve picked up about a billion speaking weirdnesses that people just love to harass me about ;o)

I pronounce it like this person on

I have been going to knitting nights at my LYS for a couple years everyone there pronounces it the same way I do. I’ve never heard anyone say it any other way.



I was in Costco mulling over a bag of Quinoa, I remarked to my friend “geez this kwin-o-ah is expensive” when this rather large, hoity toity woman rudely said to me "it’s pronounced “kwin-wah” or something like that.

I was struck speechless by her rudeness. Who gives a flap how someone pronounces something…especially a complete stranger? :open_mouth:

I deliberately say Kwin-o-ah all the time now, don’t care if it’s wrong. :smiley:

I say “KEEN-wah” like the person says on But it also shows an alternate pronunciation similar to what you say.

I wouldn’t mispronounce it myself after that, but that was totally rude.

I say it “wrong,” just to spite her. My stubborness knows no bounds. :rofl:


How did Alpaca (al-PAK-ah) lead to Quinoa (KEEN-oh-ah)?

And what is Quinoa? It sounds like it would be related to … :roflhard: [/COLOR]

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Well Evan, we can’t fight online dictionary and alPAKca farmers.


How did Alpaca (al-PAK-ah) lead to Quinoa (KEEN-oh-ah)?

And what is Quinoa? It sounds like it would be related to …


Lol true true… I’ll just add it to my list of words I don’t say correctly… milk, bagel, cereal, pillow…

I can’t tell you how long it took me to say Oregon the “correct” way (or at least how the people who live here say it).

It’s a grain…like rice, bulgar, etc.

Our ability to go off topic knows no bounds either. :lol:

Jan…tee hee.

And I still pronounce ColorAHdo the wrong way instead of ColorRADo the correct way. And Uranus…

I have a h— of a time pronouncing “Colorado” as I fala um pouco Portuguese. I keep wanting to say “Colohadu” hehehe.