How do you say "Alpaca"?

True. Very true. We need the lighthearted humor.


I say al-pack-uh. I guess that’s the way I was taught. My problem is, I speak a LOT of languages, but French and English are the ones I grew up speaking so the pronunciations in French are what I fall upon first, and English second.

I say oh my gosh this yarn is sooooo soft !

all this about pronunciations reminds me of a joke. A couple was driving in Florida, and kept seeing signs for “Kissimmee” and were wondering how it was pronounced. When they arrived in the town, they went into a fast food place and asked the woman behind the counter how she pronounced the name of the place. She very slowly and deliberately answered “Burger King.” maybe this should go on the joke thread, but i couldn’t find it. linknit41


[color="#330099"]Ha! I know that one: Kissimmee (KIS-a-me) FL

I grew up in the land of Kassawago (creek), Allegheny (River), Pymatuning, Duquesne, Aliquippa, LeBoeuf, Seneca, Tionesta, Kinzua, Susquehannock, Moshannon, Tuscarora, Monongahela (River), and Yaoughiogheny (River). Those were all fun vocabulary word in grammar school. :doh:

Makes Illinois (IL-e-noiz) easy (though I’ve been told by the locals that it is pronounced (ILL-e-noy) with a silent ‘ess.’ :shrug:

Oh, and don’t forget sylvania (pronounced: forest :?? wait? :wink: ) [/COLOR]