How do YOU prioritize your projects?

Hi from a newbie! Since I have gotten better at knitting it seems everyone has a request, which is fine (I have 3 teens and they have friends), but I am finding that I have several “well intended” projects planned for myself that have been sitting in the closet for a while now. I LOVE knitting for my kids, but I"ve quickly gotten too many projects going and don’t know where to start or should I say stop and say NO:aww: I was just curious about some of you more experienced with this phenomenon and how it quickly leads to yarn overload, which is always a great excuse to buy some. :wink: Let me know what you do I’d like to hear your stories. Karla

I literally have a list. And every time someone asks me for something new, I tell them to get me the pattern and the yarn and I will put them on “THE LIST.” I’ve kind of gotten over doing things for people until they get me the supplies.

I’m all for being nice, but when I’m doing a knit coat for someone that takes me 13 skeins of an expensive yarn, I’m not gonna work that on my own and put out that kind of money and hope they get it back to me at some point.

When people realize that you knit, and when you start to actually get good at it, you see that more and more requests start coming in. It’s too difficult to keep track of all the things that I’ll keep going, so I keep the list.

Also, I will only keep 3 projects going at the same time. Any more than that and it just becomes daunting and you’ll look at your projects with disgust because you’ll feel overwhelmed by all the work you have to do and it won’t be fun anymore.

Now, even though I keep a list of peoples requests, family usually comes first. So I’ll bump someone on the list if their just a friend and my mom wants something.

I’m getting really good at saying, no but if you buy a book, some yarn, and needles I’ll help you learn to do it yourself. If they are halfway interested in the article they’ll follow through and you’ll have a new knitting friend. If not, well they probably wouldn’t have worn my knitted item long either. I’m pretty new to knitting so all I’ve done are scarves and hats but I have 3 friends/people I work with who are learning to knit now too.

Unfortunatly for me…I have things in my mind that need doing, and they are constantly being pushed around. A lot of these things are for me, but a new pattern or yarn will perk my interest and it gets head of the line!

When someone asks me for something these days, it usually falls into my schdule based on how easy it is, or how excited about a pattern I am. ie, my SIL asked for a pair of felted slippers, easy peasy, I had them done in like 2 days. If it had been a request for a pair of mitts or something mundane that was going to take me a while…back of the line it goes!

My Halloween costume is taking the lead, cause it is time sensitive! So…it gets done first! Dispite all the really fun stuff I could be doing!

I don’t have a plan…I really need to get one!

I have heard other people in my lys talk about having 3 projects going at one time. There really must be something to that. If you(me being new intermediate) get stuck, bored or just need to “bump” a project up, it would help to have several things going.

Prioritize? Organize? those are two words I do NOT know the meaning of! :whoosh: I am the absolute biggest procrastinater you will ever meet! On christmas eve I was finishing one project and still had one left to complete! Luckily for me it was only doll clothes. :shock:
I have a 1 subject notebook that is absolutely FULL of all the things that I want to make. But i have come to the realization that I will NEVER complete all of them because I keep adding to it…I am now working on a 2nd notebook!
But…(u knew there was going to be a but in there…) when it comes down to it…the KIDS come first; my children then neices and nephews then the adults. I have already started socks for my daughters for next christmas, and a cabled coat for my neice. this year I am NOT going to be knitting on christmas eve! :roflhard:

Famous last words?

I’m like Trvvn, I have a list. If folks ask me to make something I ask them to get the pattern (if I don’t already have it, most times they want something they’ve seen me make) and give them a list of the types of yarn they need to get me to make it. Once they have the requisite supplies I will put them as my next project (since everything I have on my miles long list is what I want to do) and I will start their project as soon as I’m done with what I’m currently working on.

I have several teen friends of my daughter waiting on hats, mittens, etc. because my main priority right now is the sweater I’m making for my spousal unit. I will admit here, I am mean and have no actual care for the feelings of other people that much, according to my family, because I can and will say no. I spent a good deal of my adult life doing for other people and making myself exhausted and miserable in the process. My life is mine and I must live it, so I will do it how it makes me happy and no one else miserable. I’ve been much happier ever since I made that decision.

I have a list too. Most of the time I prioritize that list by looming deadlines (i.e. “class homework,” birthday, baby shower, etc.). Otherwise, I prioritize by what I want to do when. I don’t take a lot of requests and if I do, they aren’t big ones. There isn’t enough time to make all the things I want to make for myself, my daughters and grand daughter. I’ll teach someone to knit, but if they’re going to wait for me to make them something - other than the occassional scarf or hat - they’re going to be waiting a long while. Hey, my license plate says, “QBS BRUM” … which stands for Queen B’s (you know what the B stands for) Broom. I just tell it like it is.

When you have to do stuff for other people it becomes work. That’s not why I knit so I knit what I feel like when I feel like it. If I want to do something for someone I tell them I can’t promise a finish time. Keeps me sane and relaxed. :lol:

Prioritizing is no fun but sometimes you have to do it. After all my Christmas knitting got done, then I decided to get back to the sweater I was knitting. For those mindless moments listening to radio I have a garter stitch rug going. Really wanted to get this sweater done but a conversation with a cousin reminded me of her birthday 2/15. So the other stuff is on hold while I knit her a fast neck warmer and maybe a hat. I meanwhile got a new book with more project ideas. It would be nice to stick to one project but never works that way! Also to get something done that needs to be done besides knitting - I have to make appts. to do housework! Not good.

I wish all we had to do is Knit Knit Knit! I too will push a project aside for a special birthday, etc. Once I had gotten halfway into a beautiful baby blanket with pricey organic cotten, then found out the couple were having twins! The order just doubled!

Right now, with all my down time, I’m knitting like a fiend because I will most likely never get the chance to do this much knitting at one time.

I get so many requests for knitted items now, that I too have had trouble sorting them out. I’ve learned that the more you do, the more people will expect from you. I now only do free stuff for family, and very close friends, and only for gifts when I choose to do them (usually Yule and for the births of new babies). Every new baby should enter the world to a hand-knitted welcome, in my book. Any other requests are done at a fee. Period. At first it was hard to stick to this rule, and people would whine and beg, but after a few years, my reputation is secure, and everyone knows how it works.

However you decide to approach this, remember: You knit because you like to knit. Don’t ruin your hobby by making it a chore. Don’t be “guilted” into knitting something you don’t want to knit, and don’t be afraid to put yourself first. I find that people tend to respond pretty well to a blunt statement of “I’m going to knit this sweater for myself before I take on any more projects. In a month or two, we can talk about your project.”

I basically start projects in an order and end them in the same order.

I’ll do around 3-5 at a time.I work on 1, go about a third, go to 2, go about a third, go to 4, etc.

It makes it so I start and finish everything at about the same time.

It works really well for stuff like mittens,gloves, socks; anything done in a pair.I don’t really get tired of the project most of the time, but I just do it as a precaution.It keeps things interesting.There’s nothing worse than having a hobby turn into a chore.

Start by doing all the things they asked you for. ALL of it. Slave away. Then, after you’re finished, don’t say yes to anything else (at least, not for a while). That way, you got done all of those crummy stuff and have left time solely for yourself. ^^

Hi! :waving:

Part of the fun of knitting, for me, is the ability to give absolutely unique gifts. I really put some thought and creativity in choosing the items I’m knitting and the materials I’m using for gifts since I want them to be well loved and well used by the recipients.

That said, I do get requests from folks, especially family, for certain items they’ve seen me knit. Add to that the things I want for myself. (I FINALLY get two pairs of socks just for ME this year! :woohoo: ) and the things I’ve selected as gifts.

I do the gift items based on the time I need them for (a birthday, Christmas, Christening, etc.) and I try to get an early start if possible so it’s less stressful.

Also, whatever finishing is needed at the end of the project gets done right then and there - weaving in ends, blocking, etc… That alone eliminates so much stress it’s unbelievable. It’s just horrible to me to have several completed projects that then require me to do the finishing on all of them at the same time, trying to get them ready to gift!

For other requests I tell folks that I can’t promise anything since I have a very long list of ongoing and upcoming projects and honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to get their request done. I NEVER PROMISE ANYTHING WHEN THEY ASK ME - I ALWAYS WAIT FOR AWHILE AND THEN CONTACT THEM LATER TO SAY YES AND LET THEM KNOW THE MATERIALS I NEED. This gives you a lot of leeway in selecting your projects. If you say “yes” right away and something else comes up (like an unexpectedly needed gift item) then you risk antagonizing the person you “promised” something to.
This way if you don’t want to or can’t get to the item they requested, you haven’t promised anything and can just go along doing the items you really want to do!

Hope this helps -happy knitting and happy prioritizing!

Ruthie :hug:

I try to only have a few 2-4 projects going at once, and I prioritize them the way I feel like it. :slight_smile:

So far, not too many people ask me to make stuff, but when they do, I usually say, 'We’ll see" and then I either do it or not as I choose.

Most of the things I’ve made for others have been because I wanted to give a gift, and not because they asked.

The other day, my dd said her friend was really looking for a certain type hat. I was sort of between projects and looked on ravelry, found the just the pattern, had the yarn, so I cast on and did it right away.

Someone who’s not very close to me mentioned about 6 months ago that they’d like a scarf…sort of in passing, rather than a request. I may one day do that, and I may not…but this person isn’t expecting it!

I think the main thing is to realize that if you’re knitting for enjoyment, you need to enjoy it! If you’re constantly pressured to do things for other people, it won’t be such a joy (at least not for me). So, only commit to what you really want to commit to!

I dont have a list! I have about 3 or 4 projects going at a time and I just alternate. I make a lot of baby blankets . If one has to be done soon, I wrk at it till its complete, otherwise I just go back and forth. That way you dont get bored either. BUT I am well intentioned too and have way more yarn that I could probably even knit in a year! Yet sometimes the compulsion to by more is just that -Compulsion+addiction = lots of money spent!

I have a problem with my knitting: I always want to give it away. Since I always want to make things for others, I don’t really [b]get[b] requests, I [b]give[b] offers. So I kinda put my backed up project list on my own. And I also just kinda plan 4 projects in advance, and that seams to work.