How are your knitting needles organized?

Even though I just started knitting, I have about a million pairs of knitting needles because I bought a big lot of knitting and crafty stuff a fe wmonths ago.

I have no idea how to organize these so that they’re easily accessible!!

I was wondering how everyone organizes their knitting needles, and if there are any suggestions for tools to help me organize mine? Is there some cool needle organizer thing that would help?


The best thing I’ve found for circulars is The Circular Solution–it keeps them organized and ‘relaxed’. Just keep a sizer attached, and you’re set to go. I have a zip up case for my straights, but the zipper broke, so I’m looking for something better in that department, too.

I got one of those for Christmas!! :thumbsup:

Not quite as FULL as Ingrid’s yet, mind you…but she’s got a few knitting years on me. :wink:

I love how the hanger’s bending in the middle from all the weight!

:shock: Looking at all those circs is making me jealous :mrgreen:

I want to buy more. “But honey, I need them. All the other knitters have them!” “If all the other knitters jumped off of a cliff, would you?” “Of course! There’s probably a yarn sale at the bottom of that cliff!”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

OK, OK, here I post a picture for informational purposes and I get ridiculed. All I have to say to this is Neenerneenerneener!!! Get your own!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :roflhard:

I was fortunate enough to win a Jordana Paige needle case during KH’s 1st anniversary back in November. I really like it because I can haul it around with me during road trips, like to mom’s house. But it is big so I couldn’t take it on an airplane with me or something. It’s got two compartments in it to organize how you want. I started out doing metal/non metal, but I now go short/tall. I liked using a flower vase before, but my needles were always vulnerable to animal mischief. I still need to do something with my circulars tho, now that I’m collecting more of those.

I have a wrap case I made for my straights. Unfortunately I really didnt factor in DPNS and how short those are, so those right now are in a pencil box. I have needlemaster and denise sets for my circulars, and other circulars, ADDI’s, etc. are in their little bags. All of this is in a basket. It is about half as organzied as I would like.

Maybethis will help? I think you can make it longer to fit more needles on it… I need to make one for my metal needles…

I think you could even use a variety of colors to color code it… like sizes or something. You could probably make one hangable too.:slight_smile:

I have one of these for circs.

I just put a rubber band around my straights. I haven’t used them lately, so I’ll probably get a JP needle box so they have a home.

I have a craft box that’s like a really simple fishing tackle box, and the needles are all in the bottom of that. the tray holds my stitch markers, point protectors, etc… the teeny stuff.

That is freaking hilarious! :roflhard: :roflhard:

That’s an excellent idea, Jodi, I think I’m going to do that with my circs & dpns. Right now they are in a a very, very strong vellum type gift bag and it 's about to burst :shock: !! As for my straights, I have one set in a very pretty Fiestaware vase and the other set in a crystal looking picture and my Denises are on the bedside table.
So…I will add the craft box to my ‘things to look for while on vacation’…I like to keep my dpns & circs in original packaging, so this will work well :wink:

I think I might just order the Circular Solution … my collection of circs is growing. Of course, I would feel a little better putting my Addis into a safe! :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll try and find a cute little container to display my straight needles. In bamboo, they’re not too exciting to look at. Perhaps it’s time to skulk through a thrift store or two in search of needles …

I thought I would LOVE bamboo, and I’m not sure I do anymore. I like how the metal needles seem to “go” faster.

Right now, i have everything organized in a few drawers in my office, but I’m soon going to overflow, and I would like to be able to see everything at once. The Circ Solution is very organized, though I like things to be a little more contained. Ah well. We’ll see …


Organize? Do people really do that??? :??

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Hey, sticking 'em in a jar is a step above where mine are–scattered about in my ever-growing stash pile! Thank the gods that the interchangeables come in a case already…

Mine are all over the place. I don’t have one of those circ things that Ingrid has. I don’t have many pairs of straights anymore. So, my circs are living in a big basket, all jumbled up. The knit check is never anywhere nearby.

Jodi, I read your post and I thought, that looks like a great idea, so organized… then I read Rebecca’s post and laughed and laughed. I have my needles organized JUST LIKE YOU, only not a glass jar, but a wooden thingy (yes, that is the technical term for it) on my dresser. Kind of like a vase, but made out of wood, would not hold water… like a box with the small end cut off. (If I were home I would take a picture). Anyway, Rebecca… I am sooo with you on the organization. :roflhard:

And that’s only the ones I can find…

:roflhard: YES!!! All those little parts :help: there’s no way I could keep them in one spot… y’all don’t even want to see (what passes for) my stash… :shifty: