How are your knitting needles organized?

hmmmmmmmmmmm . . .

I’ve devised my own curious system.

Hobby Lobby inspired.

They periodically put those wooden boxes on sale.

It occurred to me one day they’d be nice for needlework item storage. I bought a small one for crochet hooks, and this neat suitcase looking thing for my knitting needles. I bought a relatively small one for my little scissors, stitch markers, sewing needles, etc. I ended up buying a middle-sized one for my circulars, which I keep in their original plastic cases. I want to buy those identifier little tag things from Patternworks

I just found a great little solution at AC Moore last night for only $2. It’s a wine box, like for giving bottles of wine as gifts. It’s very similar to the Jordana Paige one, only there is no separator in it and it has pictures of wine bottles and grapes on the outside. It is a little short, so my long needles stick out. But it looks much better than the Winnie the Pooh mug they were in before!

ohhhh, you haven’t seen the other 243657893246597432652 things in my house :oo::roflhard:! I think that craft box is the ONLY thing organized in my life - at home and at work.

I was just thinking that my circular needles and my yarn are the only truly organized things in my house. :rofling:

ok, this thread got me started … which can be a bad thing because I tend to fixate on an idea and get carried away over-implementing.

I began designing in my little brain the world’s most perfect bag to hold circular needles flat. :thinking: And THEN I thought … let’s go to a sporting goods store and look at fishing pole bags and see if one of those would work. I found round pole containers but no bags. BUT, what I did find are … pst … shotgun covers(!). They’re inexpensive and long enough to hold 36" needles flat. So, buy some elastic and just stitch it in to create “slots”. Five or six pieces of elastic 6" across would hold 36 or 40 needles.

Now, I could still be sick enough to make my own bag … wouldn’t be hard. Even thought of a way to knit one and felt it. But $14 and some elastic and maybe an hour of time to stitch it in, and you’d have a zippered case in which they could all lie flat. Now, somebody SHOULD be L’ingOL at my silliness, but … I’ll probably actually do one or another of these.

My straight needles were given to me in complete sets, years ago by my SIL who taught me to knit, so I am lucky there. They are in zippered cases. :smiley:

:oops: my needles aren’t organized…

I have a boye needlemaster set (best gift from my fiance EVER) that I’ve made into a nice little knitting set. I put my one other circular needle in it, some crochet hooks, needles, scissors, all sorts of useful things.

I have a clover folding case for my straight needles.

I used to put my needles in a pitcher - now I just purchased one of these beauties from a lovely shop on EBay - I totally recommend her work - she offers different fabrics and numbers of slots for needles.

WOW :shock: Lovely case Carol! I knew you were collecting certain colors of needles - I’m so glad you posted a picture of them! They look like they’ve always ‘gone’ together in that case.

Here are mine (sans Denises and a few others) - this was supposed to be my basket that I can take out of the house, but I haven’t decided how to store my needles, so this is an interim solution. I’m having a hard time deciding if I want to keep them out of their cases or not. If I do keep them in a holder or something, then what do I do with the original cases? I hate to throw them away.

The yellow knitted holder was the first thing I ever knitted - just a rectangle of garter and stockinette, and then I hit on the idea of storing my first few needles in it. I thought I was so original at the time. LOL

I made the one out of the Stitch N Bitch book. I don’t normally sew. OK I never sew. But this one I had to make.

I need to make another one. I just got about 15 new sets fo needles for Christmas.

And my circ’s are in a wine holder. :rollseyes: