Hi help needed please

Hello everyone my name is lynne and I am hoping someone can help me. I knitted a cardigan in moss stitch years ago that incorporated a “bell stitch” pattern. Devastated as cannot find it now. Does anyone here have or know of any cardigan patterns that incorporate the bell stitch. I would be eternally grateful if someone could help me please. TIA

Is this the bell stitch you are talking about?
Bell Stitch Video

Thank you for your help but this is not the one. I know the stitch it’s a pattern for a cardigan which incorporates the bell stitch I am looking for. Thank you again for your help

Okay, Just wanted to know what the stitch looks like before I go searching for a cardigan pattern that uses the wrong stitch.

Awww thank you that is so kind of you. It is literally a line of bells it takes 16 rows to create a line of bells.

Do you happen to have a photograph of the original cardigan?

I’ve used this form of the bell stitch in a baby sweater. I’m afraid not a sweater pattern with moss stitch.

Hi, sorry no but here is an address to view the a pic of the stitch


OK, that might help.
And was the stitch repeated in rows like on that photo? Or was it just along the bottom of the cardigan?
Was it adult or child size?

I think if you can give as ,uch I formation as possible there might be more chance of finding something similar
I know @OffJumpsJack is pretty handy at finding patterns, and other members too.

I saw heaps of patterns early today but don’t know if I’m looking for short, long, adult, pattern all over etc

It was a hip length cardi in moss stitch and it had a row of bells on each sleeve and just above the bust line two rows of bells I think. I am not sure but it may have come from woman’s weekly I cannot be 100% on that though

I wonder if you could adapt the moss stitch pattern, inserting the bell stitch (see video above) as you’ve described.

You may have to work out stitch number or gauge between the patterns but it’s worth a try if nothing else turns up.

Hmm…some of the others I found this morning are lost in the worm hole of Internet browsing.
Maybe something can be adapted?

So kind to send these patterns much appreciated. I am not confident enough to adapt a pattern by adding my own bell stitch. I will hopefully find a pattern one day but your time spent helping has been gratefully received

The gold jacket looked a good choice but could not see clearly so went to investigate but it seems its crochet and I have never ever crocheted I woukdnt know where to start lol

I cannot see any video attachment but I do know how to do the bell stitch just not confident on readapting but one to think about thank you

It’s in about the 8th post down from the top. Here it is again:

I can understand your hesitancy to try to work it into a pattern. Do you have a local yarn shop or perhaps a knitting teacher in your area? I’ll keep an eye out for a pattern but so far no luck. Is it possible that you gave the pattern to a friend?

Yes that’s the one I already had thank you x

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Sorry, I hadn’t noticed it was crochet, totally focused on looking at the patterns.

Not a cardigan, but a pretty top with bell yoke perhaps?

This one is perhaps a little overstated for what you wanted

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Awww now that is lovely but sadly no sleeves I can see tha in white I have a pattern with 3/4 sleeves maybe I can just add it thank you. I will keep looking though x

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I love that last one, bell flower.

I saw something with a bell ruffle on the sleeve, same bell stitch but not rows of them, just on the edging. Don’t know if you’d like that and/or could add them to the top. Maybe look for “bell stitch edging cardigan” or “bell ruffle edge sweater” something like that.