Help reading pattern for row of decreases?

Hi! I’d really appreciate help in interpreting this pattern… I’m knitting it in the second size (circled in pics). You cast on 47 stitches, do a row of decreases, and are supposed to end with 29.


But when I tried it, I ended up with 32 stitches, instead of 29… Later on in the pattern it does assume you have 29 stitches on the needle so I’m worried I’m setting myself up poorly by doing this row wrong. Am I reading this pattern wrong? Here is how I interpreted what the end product would be - each number is the stitch number, and where you have purled two together, I wrote “ptog w prev” on the second stitch to mean “purl together with previous”:

[1, 2, 3, “ptog w prev”, 5, 6, “ptog w prev”, 8, 9, “ptog w prev”, 11, 12, “ptog w prev”, 14, 15, “ptog w prev”, 17, 18, “ptog w prev”, 20, 21, “ptog w prev”, 23, 24, “ptog w prev”, 26, 27, “ptog w prev”, 29, 30, “ptog w prev”, 32, 33, “ptog w prev”, 35, 36, “ptog w prev”, 38, 39, “ptog w prev”, 41, 42, “ptog w prev”, 44, 45, “ptog w prev”, 47]
= removing all the “ptog w prev”, 32 stitches

Do you think I am interpreting this pattern wrong? Is there another way to read it that results in 29 stitches?

I think you’re missing the second set of purl together between the stars. You should do two purl together next to each other. With your numbering system:

1,2,3, ptog w prev, 5, 6, ptog w prev, 8, ptog w prev, 10, 11, ptog w prev, 13, ptog w prev, 15, 16, ptog w prev, etc

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Purl first 2 stitches. That leaves 45 stitches. Working across you simply do:
p2tog, p1, p2tog
over and over to end of row. That reduces st cnt to 27 plus the first 2 purls. (You’re reducing every 5 stitches to 3.)

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Omggg you’re right I was totally missing the second purl together when I was thinking about the repeat. It seems so obvious now :woman_facepalming:t2: Thank you both so much for the quick help!!

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