Help on an really easy patttern PLEASE

Hi , I just went to Jo-Anns and bought a little book on their exclusive yarns for a baby and it’s a wrap … but i am stuck … i need help … can someone help me please …

can you give us more information?

okay … well let’s say i have back casted on 54 sts and knitted 2 1/2 ’ … then armhole shaping binding off 4 sts of beging of next two rosw 46 sts. then row 3 and 4 add 15 sts in the begining of row 3 and 4 … 76 sts. … then from there every other row i need to increase a st at the beging and the end then i should have 96 sts.

now the body … row 1 & 2 i have to knit accross and pick up and knit 10 sts accros end of rows on back . (from bindoff row to cast on edge ) should have 116 sts …

this is where ia m stuck

There are probably stitches on each side of the ones currently on the needle that you need to pick up, most likely for a collar or something. Knit across and then pick up 10 at the end, then work back and pick up 10 at the other end.

There is video in the Basic Techniques More section on how to pick up stitches.

Hi ingrid … can i get your email address so i can show you the pic of it … still confused :shrug:

It’ll probably work best if you post the picture here.

hope this works :
C:\Documents and Settings\ub235b\My Documents\wrap.htm

can’t seem to download the picture to something acceptable

Definitely take a look at the video for picking up stitches, if this is something you’re unfamiliar with. Look here about 3/4 way down the page.

As far as your instructions for the body. I would say that it should go like this:

Row1: Knit across all stitches, then before turning work around (so needle with all stitches is still in your right hand) pick up 10 stitches. Turn work around.
Row 2: Knit across all stitches (the first 10 being the ones you just picked up) and at the end of this row, pick up 10 more stitches.

This would bring you to the 116 stitches that are required.

Does this help??

okay i know how to pick up stitches but what i am having trouble on is … where do i pick them up at … at the point from the decrease ???

here is a diagram that i have … maybe this will help …

I can’t access the diagram :shrug: Can you save it as a .jpg file?

okay here lets try this …

I’m sorry. I, too, am having a hard time visualizing this. Are you working top to bottom, or bottom to top?? The only place that you could logically pick up stitches from there would be down that diagonal where you have just finished increasing up to, but I don’t get what your pattern means by “from bind off row to cast on edge”.

Hmmmm, I just had a thought. Do you think that you’re maybe supposed to pick up stitches along that little edge where you first started, ie. the first 2.5" of work that you did (that’s the only other thing I can think of and it would go from your bind off at the armhole shaping down to the cast on edge :shrug: ). Does that make any sense at all??? By doing that, you’d be closing the armhole, but again I’m having a bit of a hard time visualizing it. Is there any way you could post a photo of what the finished item is supposed to look like?

I sized the picture down for you.

I’d pick up the stitches on each side of the needles. I scribbled on them.

Ah yes, that makes sense now that I see it.

okay but the pattern stated that to pick up sts across end of rows on back (from bind off row to cast on edge ) and the bind off was only 4 sts and that was at the end … i still pick up sts where you markedoff ??

pick up and knit 10 sts accros end of rows on back . (from bindoff row to cast on edge ) should have 116 sts …

This is the instruction that I used for the 20 stitches that have to be picked up.

I’m at work, so I can’t access the pattern that you sent, but if you need me to, I’ll look at it again this afternoon.

Here is a picture of the finished wrap together with a picture of the work in progress. The picture of the finished product looks like it’s knit from front edge to front edge, so I turned the WIP on it’s side to get a clearer picture. I still have to study them to see what’s what, but if anyone has any brilliant ideas of how this thing is supposed to go, please chime in.

Hi ingrid ,

I finally got someone from Leisure Arts to respond to my question … you see in the picture where the little v’s are ?? well that is the 4 bind offs on each end … i have to pick up the 4 sts there then go back down to the cast on edge and pick up the remaing 6 … kinda weird but its almost worked in one piece … … when i am done with it i will let you know … and show you a picture of it …