Help! I Need Your Ideas! / Update: Pictures of My Table Are Posted!

Hi all!

Hope everyone has been doing well lately.

I need your assistance.

I have volunteered to be a table hostess at my church’s annual retreat.

What this means is that I am responsible for decorating a round table that will seat eight ladies. Table hostesses select their own theme for their table.

Naturally, I’ve decided to do a “knitting” theme.

I am not creative with this kind of thing, so I’m asking for your ideas.

I’m supposed to have a small centerpiece, along with eight sets of plates, flatware, napkins, and glasses. I’ve also got to secure butter and sugar dishes, as well as salt and pepper shakers. I’m also supposed to have a tea pitcher (I live in the south, remember) and water pitcher. All of these items will sit on a tablecloth.

Do you have any ideas of how I can incorporate knitting into this? I cannot afford to spend any money, so I’m going to have to use what I have.

I do have fine china, which I don’t mind pulling out. I’ve got plenty of yarn…I’m thinking of using some acrylic yarn cakes in case anything gets lost (would hate to lose my good stuff).

Please, some of you must be Martha Stewarts without the mucho bucks.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

BTW, I have to set up my table on Friday night. Eek…not much time for planning, eh?

Thanks all!


Well. . .I was thinking your centerpiece could be knitted flowers, and here is a link for roses that are knitted and the stems are knitting needles. You could even by needles that are green aluminum to really look like stems.

For your napkins–If you have some cotton in your stash, maybe you could knit some simple napkins and then embroider or duplicate stitch some pictures of needles, yarn skeins, cable needles, etc., on them…

Knitted food, on google…

Napkin rings and other fun stuff including cupcakes and sandwiches…

Name tags stuck in a ball/cake of yarn with a ‘knitting needle’ would be cute if you need them.

Cabled napkin rings

Maybe veggies or flowers in a basket for the center piece? You could give them away as a “door prize”. Number on the bottom of the chair type deal…

Or a regular basket with “dishcloth flowers”…one for each of the ladies. You could make a dishcloth and roll and fold it and tie it at the base to look like a flower.
Here’s a quick one I just rolled up. Picture is blurry, but you get the idea.

If you do knitted flowers, you could put green yarn in the bottom of the vases to stick the stems in. My LYS does that and it looks really neat.

Y’all rock!

I’m definitely going to try to crank out those napkin rings. I’d love to do the roses in the first post. I’ll have to see how much time I have.

That basket on Knitty is GORGEOUS! I’ve seen it before. I think I’ll have to bookmark it for myself…a later project. :teehee:

Y’all are awesome! Thank you!


How about making a chunky plait in lots of different yarns, join it up to look like wreath and add lots of knitted, dried flowers , ribbons ect to make a table display

It might be quicker for you to do napkin rings instead of the napkins. Maybe you could do the peruvia roses and attach them to some ribbon and tie them around cloth napkins.

If you are short on time, I think the knitted napkins rings would be quick and easy. Or I-cord ties might be q & e.
My other ideas: centerpiece–basket full of different yarns and needles
tablecloth–solid color cloth and if you could it a novelty fabric with a knitting motif to make a runner

place cards(?) use the free clipart and find knitting themes, print them on cards and use yarn as a ribbon.
I’ve always been true to the sayings, less is more. Let the decor tease them and conversations pull them into the wonderful world of knitting.
Hope this helps!

ps, hope the retreat goes well too.

So how did it go? I missed this post, but do want to see what you ended up with!

The retreat is next weekend.

Here’s what I think I have time to do…

[li]the napkin rings…one per place setting though[/li][li]the centerpiece…a small basket I have with a few dishcloths from my summer knitting draped over and a couple of yarn cakes inside with needles…all arranged in a way that looks nice[/li][li]my leaf lace scarf as a table runner[/ul][/li]To try to do more would be stressing myself out.

BUT, I plan on making the felted roses for next year’s table :thumbsup:

I’ll be sure to take pictures and post them next weekend after the retreat is over.

Thanks y’all! :muah:

Aha! :slight_smile: Well, here’s an easy thing if you can afford it that could get you some real kudos, is my bet: get some inexpensive yarn that comes in a ball shape instead of a skein or just simply some balls of yarn from your stash leftovers, some inexpensive sets of small needles or crochet hooks (like from a dollar/pound store), push the needles or hooks into each ball, print out an easy short project that takes only a bit of yarn (like the knitted flowers), and put a set at each place setting.

Instant conversation pieces, and an instant S’n’B meeting! :lol:

I would LOVE to do something like that, but they are stressing no gift items. I would LOVE to attract new yarnies to this fantastic world of knitting!!!

I’ll be serving up drinks and making sure the ladies have what they need, so if they have yarn/knitting questions, I’ll be available to answer them.

Hmmm…maybe I should wear a pair of socks I’ve made…

In fact, wouldn’t a pair of mannequin legs wearing my socks be a funny centerpiece?

Maybe not for a table where you have to eat.


lol – that would be hilarious. Upside down. As if they’re coming out of the table. :slight_smile:

Haha! That sounds like something from Christmas Story. :teehee: Now that you have a few ideas you can do even more next year…possibly even accumulation some inexpensive yarn and needles as gifts or a door prize. :thumbsup:

Take pictures if you can, we’d love to see the results of our suggestions and your imagination!

WOW - what great ideas everyone! Nathalie I would laugh my butt off at the manequin idea :teehee: Can’t wait to see the pics of whatever you come up with! :slight_smile:

Our church does a spring tea and a Christmas dinner with the same type of set up where women decorate the table. I’ve never been tempted to host a table before, but doing one with a knitting theme is a possibility…I may have to try it. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures.

It’d also be fun to have people make flowers or other trims and decorate wool hats to donate to a charity or some such – you’d have to have enough lead time to make the hats for them to decorate of course…