Help! I Need Your Ideas! / Update: Pictures of My Table Are Posted!

I’ve seen a glass hurricane candle holder filled with lots of acrylic yarn balls all in different colors. It makes a lovely centerpiece. Then take large pom-pom balls and attached them to cheap knitting needles. Sorta looks like big crysanthymums (sp) Of course it was all acrylic yarn white, yellow, summer colors for flowers…(cheap but pretty) makes a great and fast center piece… pom-pom balls attached to napkin rings with a few knitted leaves make tiny floweretts… a few knitting books in the center of your table with the hurricane candle holder atop that for added attractiveness to table… just a cheap fast idea that don’t cost much…and things you probably have already…

Good luck… :slight_smile:

Hey Kris,

I’m thinking that I want to knit a tablecloth for next year’s event! Wouldn’t that be tres cool?

Ok all…here’s my table…



A close-up of a napkin ring:

I’ll post details about the pattern when I post it in the Whatcha Knitting forum…maybe tomorrow or the next day.

Here’s the basket (my centerpiece):

For a table runner, I used the Branching Out Scarf I made a year and a half ago.

I’m thinking about making a table cloth for next year. For now, I have one more ring to make (just didn’t have enough time this week). The luncheon isn’t until tomorrow afternoon. We had to set up today, and church members will be guarding our tables since it’s in a tent outside.

Thanks for all of your help!! I really appreciate the ideas and plan on using them for next year’s table!!

BTW, if you’re interested in seeing pictures of more tables, check out this link (I’m not trying to plug my blog…just thought you might want to see how creative some of the ladies are).

It looks great! Have fun

Very nice! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting pictures…the idea of a knitted tablecloth sounds really neat. Christmas knitted things would be really fun.

Thanks, y’all! My table looks a bit plain compared to some of the others, but for a first time, I don’t think it’s too bad. I had very little time to do much because this week has been extremely busy. Add that to the fact that I had no idea what I was doing not ever having attended this type of thing before.

I also thought that next year I might do a soccer theme, given my family’s involvement with the sport over the last 10+ years.

Anyhoo…off to knit that last ring!

The ideas were wonderful and your table looks lovely, Nathalie!

I’m cohosting a “Crafty Ladies” event at my church in two weeks and the ideas have inspired me to decorate the refreshment table when we weren’t going to originally.

I hope the retreat is a huge blessing for all of you.

Wow, those all look fabulous! You did a great job on your table. It looks really cute!

So cute! Love the napkin rings especially. :slight_smile: Hope you had fun!

The tables all look fantastic. Love your knitting theme. What a creative bunch of ladies you have there.

Your table looks great!!! :thumbsup: I love the colors. There are a lot of other amazing tables too. I like your website- maybe one of these days I will learn to and be able to set up one- (a blog?) I am not up to date on all of this tech stuff. :eyes: I read your 100 list. I enjoy reading Jude Devereaux also and used to have 5 mini dachshunds at one time.

Thanks for the kind words about my table and blog. The blog saves me from having to spend money on a therapist. :teehee:

Today was the BEST day ever! Here’s a picture of what the table looked like with all of the food on it.

The food really filled in the empty spaces.

What a joy to do!! I’m definitely going to sign up for this again next year!

Auburnchick, the table looks great. You did good!

You did great!!:yay:

Very cool! I hope everyone was impressed!:yay:

Absolutely lovely. How talented you are.

I posted information about the pattern for the napkin rings over in the Whatcha Knitting forum, in case anyone is interested. :wink:

What a beautiful table you have created and set for the ladies at your table! It looks so inviting and very yummy!

\o/ -dibbs

Thanks for the pictures. What a great idea. Those tables were beautiful and yours was just lovely. I am partial to anything knitted. Great Job Nathalie!