Help get my new site off the ground & maybe win FREE nee

Hi fellow Knitting Junkies!
I am trying to support my knitting habit with a new site I am working on:
I really need the input of enthusiasts like yourselves, and of all skill-levels.
I would really appreciate if y’all could visit and take my survey to help me figure out what people are looking for. Everyone who completes it is entered to win a pair of Country Trunk’s beautiful Designer Bamboo Needles! Thanks for taking the time, and if you could pass it along to your fellow Knitting Fanatics, I would be forever grateful.
Thanks again!

By the way, I meant to say hello to everyone, too. :slight_smile:
I could read for days and days and all of the wonderful stuff in this forum. Do any of you still rely on brick & mortar stores or flesh & blood groups for questions and advice?

Good luck, Kimberley! :cheering:

(Are those needles CIRCS, by any chance?) :pray:

I’d love to rely on brick and mortar stores but there aren’t any in my area–I drive to Atlanta for the things I need.

I’d also love to rely on brick and mortar stores. There are SO few in London it is quite a shock. However, I’ve found one closer to where I live - it was closed on Sunday can’t wait for the weekend to go see if it is any good.

One other store I found on my journey in to work, apparently is closed Monday and half day Wednesday, is only open from 10am to 5pm and closes for an hour at lunchtimes. They could not guarantee it would be open on Saturdays either =(

I need a good source of yarn that delivers to the UK!

:smiley: Good luck with your site, I filled out your survey & welcome to KH :wink:

I just finished your survey. Best of luck to you in this venture! :cheering:

I filled it out for you. :slight_smile:

Just filled out your fun survey. :smiley:

Survey taken!

Thanks so much for all of the kind words and support!! And the answers I have gotten in the survey so far are exactly what we are looking for. Thank you all.
And to KellyK - they aren’t circs, but I am going to be giving away some of the new Destiny Circulars by Lantern Moon. They are absolutely gorgeous in either rosewood or ebony :slight_smile:

Cute webpage. I filled in the survey, hope it helps. Good luck :thumbsup:

thanky for the link! the site is adorable, and i hope to learn great things there :slight_smile:
plus those needles are just too cute

It’s interesting that you’ve done a survey…great idea! Lots of sites just put what they want on there without getting some info on what the people are looking for…Good business sense :thumbsup:

I filled out the survey, hope it goes well for you.

Rhy :XX:

Oh, hope i win the needles…lol :inlove:

Add me to the “I completed the survey” list! The site looks great!

I completed your survey too!

Survey completed! Cute site!

Thanks again, Gang! What a great group. :slight_smile:
:cheering: :cheering:
Here is a pic of the Country Trunk needles, btw

Those are sweet!

I know - super-cute. I love beautiful things! Talk about lifting your spirits and inspiring you when you pull these bad boys out…