Help get my new site off the ground & maybe win FREE nee

If you are looking for circs like Kelly, you have to check out these GORGEOUS ones from Lantern Moon.
Our next giveaway (these Destiny Circulars!) will be to people on the mailing list, so come take the survey and join the Knitting Circle.

I just took the survey. Great idea! :thumbsup:

In response to your question about relying on brick and mortar stores, yes, I do. I have the most wonderful LYS here in Colorado Springs. There is a really great knitting group attached to the LYS and they also offer great advice if need be. I go to knitting group 2x week and sometimes just go hang out in the store and knit just for the heck of it. I LOVE them! :smiley:

I sent your link to everyone I know :slight_smile:
Please let us know how it all goes for you - keep us updated!

Thanks, Kate! You have all been so helpful
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: