Help fining a pattern please!

I was gifted some chunky wool for Christmas and want to knit a sweater for my grandson who is 3.
I really want to knit it in fisherman’s rib but am struggling to find a pattern for a little one in that style.
Has anyone come across one I could use?
Or, if I used a plain jumper pattern,would I have to drop down a size do you think, as I have a feeling that the fisherman’s rib might come up larger. (I might be wrong! But I’m not an overly experience knitter)
Any ideas or thoughts would be very much appreciated
Thank you x

There is this one by Debbie Bliss. This is from the Ravelry site.


Hi Elaine. Have you looked on the Ravelry website yet? I just did a quick search inputting age, boy/unisex, pullover sweater, bulky (for yarn weight) and then also selected “Free” under Availability. A lot of patterns came up. (Tons more if you don’t limit search to free patterns.) It’s a great site. You may have to sign up to search (not sure) but it’s free. Good luck!

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I like the Debbie Bliss sweater.
There’s also this one:

Thank you - I’ll take a look at Ravelry :+1:x