Help - don't understand

I am doing Lionbrand Knit Pattern - 80716AD. I don’t understand what it means

Rows 1-30 Knit. at end of last row, do not turn. Rotate work and pick up and k14s.

What does it mean do not turn. Rotate work. Thanks

It means to rotate the whole piece clockwise and pick up those stitches down along the edge.

Instead of turning as if to do a new row, move the piece clockwise and pick up stitches along the edge (which was your left side edge while you were knitting the previous rows).

Thanks for answering. I must still be doing something wrong. When I rotate do pick up stitches on the end that has the knitting thread? If I start at the other end the threads goes across and pulls the circular needles together. I must be reading your answers wrong.

You’re holding the end with the yarn in your right hand, and you’ll be picking up the stitches that are below that on the edge.

Right where you finish the row of 44 stitches. The yarn is right there. You would normally turn and use the yarn to begin another row, but instead just start picking up stitches along the short edge of the rectangle right where the yarn is. Then you pick up 44 stitches along the second long side, and 14 more along the other short end. Now you have 116 stitches on the needle. From there you start working in the round.

I know I am going to sound quite stupid to you experienced knitters, but I desperately need help on this project. Does anyone have or know of a video that can show exactly how this project is done or one similar to it?

I knitted Rows 1-30, and after that I’m lost. Where do I start on the side row to pickup stitches? How exactly am I suppose to pick up the stitches? Am I suppose to still be using two threads of yarn?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The simpler the instructions, the better for me. Thank you so much!!!:muah:

it sounds like you have finished the bottom of the bag and are now picking up stitches to start the sides. the instructions are telling you how to create the first corner of the bag. when you’re finished the last stitch on row 30 - do not move or turn your work. use the empty needle (left hand) to pick up stitches along the edge JUST BELOW the last stitch worked on the right needle. knit it and place it on the right needle that has all the other stiches. looking at the pic of the bag it sounds like instead of knitting back and forth as you did on the bottom you will now pick up stitches all around the bottom part and knit in the rounds to create the actual bag -

I’m sorry, but I am still confused. I am not sure how to pick up stitches. Am I suppose to insert the left needle in between rows? According to instructions, I am suppose to pick up and k14 stitches and then 44 sts along long side of base and 14 sts along remaining side ending with 116 stitches on my needle. If I only k14 sts on the one side and then have to go all the way to the botton of the base to pick up 44 sts, it pulls the yarn into a circular kind of cone. It that what is suppose to happen?

Correct - you have been working along the long edge of the bottom and now you pick up 14 sts along the short edge - you have knitted 30 rows so you should have 15 ‘ridges’ you can use to gauge the 14 stitches. Then you pick up 44 sts along the other long edge, which are your cast on stitches, then 14 again up the other short edge. As far as techniques to picking up sts, go to youtube if you can’t find anything on this site.

There’s a video for picking up sts on the Tips page towards the bottom. You don’t need 2 needles for this - pretend the edge of sts are your left needle and insert the R needle into a stitch between the ridges (pick up) and wrap the yarn around it and pull through (knit). Then repeat until you have 14 new sts. Go along the cast on edge and pick up 44 sts along it, one for every st you CO. Then pick up 14 along the other short edge. Place a marker on the R needle for the beg of the round, and knit across the original sts and around the new ones.

Thank you so much Knittinggal. After I watched the video on how to pick up stitches, I finally started getting the hang of what to do. Thank you for taking the time to help me!!!

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