Rotate 90 degrees?

How can I rotate my work 90 degree clockwise to pick up stitches.and how to read a chart.

I don’t know if you’re making a shawl but this video shows you turning the knitting 90 degrees and picking up sts. See 2:48 especially.

This video is one place to begin reading charts. There are more videos online if this doesn’t help.

What pattern are you making?

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I’m making a knit shawl but I don’t know
What they mean by rotate 90 degrees clockwise Do I rotate the needle or the work.
Need help.

Rotate the work 90 degrees. It’s likely the tab that’s shown in the first video that I posted above.

Do I rotate the needle or the work to
The left or to the right.

Rotate to the left. The needle tip should be in position to pick up the sts on the adjoining edge.
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name, please?

The name of the pattern is Monica’s shawl

The name of the pattern is Monica’s shawl so I rotate the work or the

Sorry for the confusion. I just edited:
Rotate the work to the Right.

And it say to rotate again 90 degree clockwise and pick up and knit 3sts (1 st in
Each cast on) among cast on edge.Do I go
All around.and what do they mean by cash on

It’s cast on edge

The cast on edge is the initial loops that you put on the needle. So you have active sts on the needle now, you’ve rotated once to pick up sts along the side edge of the little rectangle and now you’re to rotate again to pick up sts at the initial row. You’ll have picked up sts on 3 sides of the rectangle or tab.

See if this video helps:

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I decide to make another shawl. My problem
Is that on chart B .on a yellow block there Is
A line - should I knit it or purl it. Because if you see the instructions I’m sending you the
Line - is in the second square which it say to
Purl on the right rows and knit on the wrong rows. Confused.

Here are the instructions.

Here are the instructions

What is the name of the shawl that you’re now making? If it’s free on Ravelry, we can get the instructions. You might also give us a link to the pattern if possible. Don’t scan the whole pattern or even large sections since that would violate the copyright.

Charts do take time to make sense of but if you persist, it’ll make knitting lace and other projects much easier. Things like this are often confusing in the beginning but sometimes that’s the start of understanding.

The name of the pattern is Edna shawl.and
It’s free from ravelry.

I published the shawl & the instructions on
Your Facebook .

Such a beautiful shawl but not for the faint of heart.
For chart B (and for chart A, too) the yellow blocks are the original cast on sts. The dash or line in the box on the odd number rows means Purl on the right side (RS). So purl this stitch on row 1.
You could put a safety pin or marker on the RS to remind yourself that it’s the RS until you see the pattern develop.

Is there any video of this shawl