Has anyone made the Flattering Jacket Lion Brand Homespun?

Anyone care to guide me on this pattern ?

I have done the ‘Back’ I am stumped at ,

Shape armholes. It says Cont in seed st,bind off 3 sts at beg of next 2 to rows.

Now my question is, how do I bind off in seed sts? :shrug:

You will be binding off the same way you were following the pattern. If your first stitch would be a knit stitch, then you k, p, slip the first stitch over the second (that’s one bound off stitch) then k and slip the first stitch on the needle over the second one (that’s 2 bound off stitches,) purl the next stitch and slip the first stitch over the needle (that’s 3 bound off stitches)

Now continue for the rest of your row in seed stitch.

Basically, you are just knitting the purls and purling the knits but binding off at the same time.

A bind off is exactly the same as knitting your stitch pattern except that you pass the sts over one another instead of leaving them on the right needle.

Now, it calls for

Dec 1st at each end of the next row ,then every other row 2 more times -63sts. Work even in seed st until armholes measure 9 1/2inches, Bind off Loosely.

Is the Dec done as k2tog at the both ends?

Usually you do a ssk/skp at the beg of the row and k2ktog at the end. This makes the decreases ‘lean’ toward the center of the piece.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Next question,when it says continue, [/COLOR]in seed st,bind off 3 sts at beg of next 2 rows.

[COLOR=Blue]What constitutes a row? When I bind off 3 and cont in seed to the end of row, then turn work and bind off 3 sts again and cont in seed to end of work ,is that then counted as my 2 rows? [/COLOR]

Yes, that’s right. A row is working the sts across the needles from beginning to end.

What would I do without you Hon! Going back to my Jacket now Thank you.

Suzeeq, I forgot to ask, when I do the Dec 1 st at each end of the next row , you said to ssk/skp and k2ktog at the end.

Do I slip the purls as purls and the knits as knits? (I’m working in Seed)

I know the k2tog, but what do you mean by k2ktog? Shouldn’t that be just k2tog ?

When you slip sts for a decrease, you slip them knitwise, whether they’re knits or purls.

Ooops, k2ktog is a typo, it’s k2tog. Dang keyboard on the laptop skips the cursor around on me. I’ll be typing and then I’m on a line 3 rows up…

I thought you meant k2tog, just need to check it with you. Off to work on my jacket now. Thanks!

I’ve done the Dec st at each end next row and then every other row 2 more times ending with a 63 sts count as called for. Now I am working in seed until the armhole measures 9 1/2inches and then I bind off and back panel is done.

I know this is just the back side but 9 1/2 inches from center armpit to shoulder doesn’t sound like enough inches? Is that 9 1/2 inches from armpit to shoulder seam?

Suzeeq, can you look online at the pattern for me and see if I am ding this right?http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/khs-flatteringJacket.html

That’s the depth of the armhole and that does sound about right. You want to measure straight up from the row you did the first BO on though, not around the curve.

Thanks , this wouldn’t be so hard if the people making these patterns would realize that details are so important for us beginner knitters. I would not of know to measure the armhole as you said, if it weren’t for you and like doing the Decreases , why assume that everyone reading the pattern knows which Dec st to use?:shrug: I mean, I’m sure for the Novice knitters ,it’s a snap. I wish every pattern would show Diagrams as well. It really helps me to visually see what it is I am going to be doing and how it should look. OK, I am done ranting , until the next question I am :out:

Most patterns are written this way, so it’s not unusual. It is helpful when there are schematics for patterns though, so you can check the measurements to see what goes where. Lion’s patterns only have a few with them though. Not all patterns will specify which decrease to use either.

Wish I was more ambitious, I see a need for better more detailed first time knitters books and Patterns.

I am so grateful for you and this forum. Thank you for helping me with all of my questions.:hug:

The pattern does say intermediate level so I guess it assumes some knowledge. Sometimes we have to learn as we go though it there is something we want to make. :hug:

Ok, there’s something I just learned, I never saw the intermediate. That explains it. Boy now I’m really scared, I hope I can do this now.

I’ve stopped knitting for now since I think I have made a huge mistake along the way:hair:

On the ‘Back’ at Instructions for ‘Shape Armholes’

It said to Dec 1 st at each end of the next row,

I Did a ssk at the end of row and k2tog at the end of the next row row . Then continued decreasing in that pattern .Now when I looked back on the instructions I fear I did it all wrong. It looks like a big L on both sides ,with only 2 inches from side seam in to the back (lower part of the L) The total number of stitches came out right.

I read your instruction telling me that a ssk/skp at beg of row and a k2tog at end makes it lean towards the center of the piece and I followed that. Now that I am done I realized that you were only explaining a decrease to me and not to follow that pattern, am I right?

Should I have only done the ssk/skp at the end of each row only?

If so then I have a lot of frogging to do now.

Also when I did the bind off I bound off all in knit. I forgot what you said about binding off in seed pattern:hair:

I got up to the Right front and did up to the 'NEXT ROW (RS) Work in seed st , dec 1 st at end of (mark for dec edge) when I realized I may have made a few mistakes and may need to stop and frog back, WAY back.

I took 2 pic’s of the back, their in my Flickr photostream link.

Don’t rip it out yet.

Looking at your pictures, that’s how it should look. You can do any decrease sequence you want as long as you do it the same. The ssk at the beg and k2tog at the end is generally what most patterns have you do, but the ‘fashion’ patterns may have k2tog at the beg and ssk at the end of the row so they lean toward the seam and that’s perfectly acceptable. You do an increase at both ends of the row on the back, so that’s correct. And given the stitch pattern, it’s really not noticeable anyway; the slant of the decreases will show more on stockinette than it does in the seed stitch.