Hair removal products

I love the feel of shaved legs, but my leg hairs are so thick and grow so fast that the silky feel lasts about half a day. :pout: The worst hairs start from the middle of my calf down. They’re also really dark, so even after just shaving, my legs have 5 o’clock shadow :rofl:

I really don’t want to pay for salon waxing, and frankly I can’t afford it. I have tried Neet, but it isn’t powerful enough to get rid of these leg hairs from hell. I have used the Jergen’s stuff that slows hair growth. It helps a little, but not enough. Any suggestions?


I’m a traditional razor/shaving cream girl but I have very light hair on my legs that grows pretty slow…I only need to shave my legs once a week if that. My mom though hates shaving and has been using Nair for as long as I can remember, she loves it. They have a 5 minute kind that is quick then you just rinse off. Whatever you do don’t use Nads. I don’t know if you’ve seen the infomercials for it but its supposed to be all natural and painless. I don’t think so. It hurt so bad and was basically like trying to wax my legs with honey and cloth strips. What a waste of money, but it seemed so great I had to try.

I find that using some sort of scrub before shaving helps me get a closer shave. I’m not particularly hairy, but I do think it helps. The sugar scrub/ body polishes are awesome even for arms/back, etc. Makes you sooo soft!

I tried one of those lotions (don’t remember which one), but it made me feel sticky…like it didn’t soak in. :shrug:

What about those Sally Hansen wax kits? I get some hair on the tops of my feet (:ick:), so that’s what I use them for, but they’re sold in “leg” packs or “arm” packs or “face” packs, so they are designed for legs. The ones I usually get are the no-heat kind, you just rub them together between your hand, separate the strips and put them on your legs. Press them down, and then rip 'em off. Not as good as a “real” wax, but it might help.

Only shaving once a week?! I’d love that! You’re so lucky!

I’ve tried Nair, too. It doesn’t remove the bad hairs.

Jan, I do exfoliate before shaving, which does help for getting a close shave. But still, just half a day of smooth legs.

Stine, I tried the Sally Hansen years ago, but the ‘wax’ never got hard enough to adhere to the hairs. Maybe I just got a bad box? Sorry you have Hobbit feet! Apparently, I have Hobbit legs. :teehee:

Nair didn’t work for me, either.

Angelia, are you thinking of the ones you have to heat up? These don’t get hard…they just stay sticky, so you can re-use the strip to get hairs that didn’t take the first time…I’ll bring one to FF if I remember.

Maybe you should try using actual wax. I have a friend that never shaves, she only waxes her legs but she does it herself with something like this.

I totally get this thread. I get barely half a day of smooth legs-sometimes less!

waits eagerly for the solution

Well… I hate to shave my legs, it is such a pain in the butt. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I only shave about once a month. Not because I have light hair and can get away with it, but because I really don’t care. I do not wear shorts, so it isn’t like anyone has to look at my legs. And boyfriend really doesn’t care. Sooo, I get pretty hairy legs! Have you tried Epilady? You know, one of those gadgets that just rips the hair out. My aunt used to have one when they first came out. She said the first time hurt, but after that it really wasn’t a big deal.

I agree with the comment about Nads being a waste. I tried that a few years ago, and it didn’t do a very good job getting all of the hair out.

I use this: Magic Shaving Powder Platinum

I get it at Walgreens (drug store), around $2.

It works awesome. It has to be super creamy (not too watery) and sometimes a second coat is needed. I apply the first coat, wait five minutes, and apply the second (my hair is very thick and stubborn). Ten minutes on the skin total.

Then I rinse it off in the shower and scrape the skin with the edge of a plastic spoon. This dislodges the loose hairs that didn’t let go in the rinse.

Your best bet is to get real wax. Sally’s sells Gigi’s and that’s the number one seller. Their brazillion kit is the best, and you can use it anywhere.

Nads is okay, but your hair has to be really, really long. I can not stand not being able to shave for 2 weeks to let it grow (and mine grows fast)

Another idea is an epilator from the Sharper Image. They are expensive and you need a glass of wine to do it, but it grabs short hair and is easy and not messy. That’s what I use, and before that I used Gigi’s, which is what most salons use.

I am chia pet when it comes to leg hair. I swear I am! :rofling:

I have thick coarse leg hair. I used to shave every single day. It was a pain in the butt. I could shave my legs and the next day and wake up the next morning and I have stubble… and when I got in the shower it would start to grow! If I went swimming forget it! It was stubblely. I just use shaving cream and razor. I shave about every 2 days now. I have tried Neet, Nair, Sally Hansen’s, etc. No luck!

I’m like Kaydee… very fine leg hair that grows slowly and sparsely. I only shave about once a week or so, and only when I think about it.

My grandmother (Nana) NEVER shaved her legs. She had peach fuzz when she was young, but it fell out and never grew back. She had permanently silky smooth legs for the rest of her life. :oo:

I do use a Sally Hansen wax for my eyebrows and bikini line though. Works really well and comes with a soothing lotion that erases any pain.

What you want is an elpilator, it look scary, but you legs stay smooth for up to 6 weeks. If you use it regally they grow back fine and you find yourself using it less. I’ve had mine for about 10 years, they can be pricey, but worth the money in MHO. You can get them with different heads so you can do underarms, bikini line etc.

Just what I was going to say - I have really thick black hair too, as well as sensitive skin. I can’t shave cause my eczema gets really bad, and I used to get salon waxes but they’re too expensive now… so I got an epilator, and never looked back. Much less painful than home waxing, takes a while the first time but after that it’s quite quick, gets all the hairs, still sore but makes the hair regrowth much less over time. Whereas I used to be yeti girl, I’m now more on the balding dog side of things :wink:

Wouldn’t do anything else now - I still shave underarms cause epilating made me sneeze too much (don’t ask, weird nerve connections), and I bleach my top lip (tried electrolysis but having a needle shoved into a follicle and then electrocuted was a little too painful). But for legs etc, epilators all the way - and most of them come with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee - so if it hurts too much then you can take it back.

So, now you guys know more than my fiance does about my hair removal practices lol - I’m going to go…
Fi xxx

I have used an elpilator for almost 20 years … and hardly ever have to use it on my legs now… they are pretty much hairless :slight_smile: I use it for under arms about once a week and even use it on my upper lip and peach fuzz jaw line every six weeks or so. My first one was Epilady and I don’t remember the brand of the one I use now. I love smooth !

Around here it’s getting to be that time of life when you have more hair on your face than your legs and you exchange shaving your legs for plucking your chin hairs!

I just looked at the Sharper Image website and they have a Panasonic Epilator for $89. That’s about the cost of 2 bikini waxes. I might have to look into it. Anyone have a brand suggestion?


I have epilated for the last 11 years and not looked back since. i bought the Satin Ice epilator last year from braun after my last one wore out after 10 years.My legs are so used to being epilated that i don’t need to use the ice pack, it’s virtually painless. I have to be careful with my underarms though because i have lost 78llbs in weight, so have got a lot of loose skin - but if I pull the skin taut enough it’s ok. I’d reccommend it to anyone!:cheering:

I have the other one, the Emjoi. I like that because you can plug it in. It does have a charge option but it’s not nearly as good. So I would think that the Panasonic wouldn’t be as good because you can’t plug it into a wall.
I’ve had the Emjoi for over 5 years now and it works great, even after you drop it 100 times or so (: