Hair removal products

Mine’s a Satin Ice too, by Philips I think - it’s great :slight_smile:

How the heck does an epilady work? :?? BTW, I just used the Veet blade less razor kit, I’m not impressed with it.

I had an Epilady at one time and it hurt so bad I don’t think I used it more than twice. :shrug:

Yeti…:roflhard::roflhard: That’s exactly what I feel like!

And thanks so much for your input, ladies!!! :muah:

The epilator sounds like the way to go. Considering the cost (and waste) of disposable razors (I use Venus), the epilator will pay for itself quite quickly.

As for pain, I have a pretty high pain threshold, so I’ll bet the first couple of uses won’t bother me much. (In desperation, I’ve even tried plucking my leg hairs, but it’s just too time consuming.)

In the meantime, I need to go to Sally’s anyway to correct a hair dye gone horribly wrong, so maybe I’ll check out that Gigi wax stuff. My leg hairs grow so fast that I won’t have to wait long to use it. :roll:

Silver, my [I]dad[/I] has no leg hair! :shock: My great grandmother was Native American, and dad ended up with a lot of her features, including being virtually hairless except on his head. (He plucked his facial hair until he was in his late 20s.) He has no chest hairs–not even the fine hairs most of us have. The joke at our house is that I have more chest hair than he does :rofl: I ended up with some of her features, too, but unfortunately bald legs isn’t one of them. :pout:

Ang, my Italian grandfather’s shins are as smooth and hairless as his bald little head. :teehee:

Mom’s shins are hairless, too, but she’s still got bad thighs. I’m the opposite–most of my hair is on my shins. I’m just glad I don’t have Dad’s hair genes. :shock: There are some hairy men in my family! (Also, I don’t want to go bald. :teehee:)

I didn’t see it mentioned but VEET is pretty good too. It’s on the order of Nair except it comes with a plastic shaver that you use to remove the hair. It usually kept me hair-free for a week for sure and after about 2 weeks I needed to redo but like someone else said “i’m chia-pet” and grow hair like it’s goin out of style. ;D

Good luck.

i’ve waxed portions of my legs in the past. but it’s so painful. i DO love wax for other areas though. the eyebrows, stray chin hair, the lip, and bikini…sally hansen and other grocery store brands work fine for me. i may look into the gigi brand though. i’m always looking for a better wax.

My grandmother too! My mom and I are so jealous of her!

Oddly enough I was using the Jergens shave minimizing lotion a couple of years ago when I met my family at “The Lake”… I was only one who wasn’t being eaten alive by the mosquitos and we figured out it was the lotion! So, now my mom and grandma always make sure they have a bottle of the Jergens lotion when they are down there to keep the mosquitos away! (Though grandma doesn’t need it!)

Has anyone done the laser thing for legs? I know it’s pricey, but I wondered if it’s worth it?


I do it on my chin. Did I already mention that here? Anyway, it’s $100 a pop (:help: my mom pays), so I have no idea what it runs for legs, but if it hurts as freakin’ much on legs as it does on your face…not interested! :shock: (My chin is less sensitive than my legs, by the way. Can’t wax 'em.)

I usually shave ( I like the Venus razor) but I also use MOOM. It cleans up very easily.

Waxing is no pain whatsoever compared to the Epilady. I have a high pain threshold as well. Waxing? pffffft - easy. That freaking epilator? Jan’s right. Keep that thing away from me. It’s a torture device.

This thread is a little old so I don’t know if anyone will read this but I am Hairy with a capital H and here is my two cents.

How you react to the hair removal method is as important as how the hair is removed.

Things I have tried -

Nair - don’t like. Hit or miss. Doesn’t get all the hair.

Veet - gets ALL the hair and is great for when you have gone a looooong time without shaving (easier to dissolve long hair than to shave it) BUT tends to easily cross the line from “on long enough” to “there are chemical burns on my legs.” I use it when I need to attone for months of hairiness BUT it is too dangerous and pricey to use as a regular method IMO. (I find one can lasts, what, 1 1/2 uses for whole leg for me?)

Epilating - I have used the Braun models and the pain, you get used to… it’s nice and mess-free… can be done on short hairs… does make hair come back thinner and sparser in some areas… BUT some areas of my legs just don’t respond well. I think I make more keratin than the average person (evidenced by keratosis pilaris on upper arms, thighs) and this seems to really contribute to the liklihood of ingrown hairs and red spots from epilating. It’s not a matter of exfoliating because it has to do with how my skin reacts from levels too deep to be reached by manual exfoliation.

Waxing - results same as epilating, faster and so SORT of less painless… but tendency for ingrowns and irritation the same. Basically both of these methods CAN be great but it depends on how you react.

Shaving - great short term results, but red bumps and irriation soon after… not to mention fast regrowth which means the need for repeated irritation.

What I have settled on is a Braun men’s electric shaver (specifically a self-cleaning synropro). It is not AS close as a blade but it is about as close as how I feel an hour or so after a blade plus my skin looks and feels better due to less irritation and regrowth for whatever reason doesn’t feel as horribly sharp as with a razor. It’s also nice to sit on the warm, dry floor and get all the hair from all the angles, rather than trying to contort myself in the shower and get it all. I do have my husband help with the backs of my thighs sometimes, if I will be wearing a bathing suit, since the hair grows in so many directions and it matters more then that I don’t look ghastly back there. :wink:

So that’s my 2 cents. Electric for me. Not perfect, not super long lasting, but my skin is so much happier that even with a touch more stubble, it looks and feels 1000% better.

Some day I will do laser. I have had it on my chin with great results. But I am undergoing fertility treatments and hoping to get pregnant one of these months (or years, as it’s going) and most places won’t do you if you’re pregnant so I don’t want to shell out for a package and then have to wait for ever to actually complete the job. Plus pregnancy can impact hairiness so I want to wait till I am done having kids or have given up on having another kid before I start with that.

I have been using a Braun epilator for years. It’s a little uncomfortable, but not really painful at all. I get my legs and underarms waxed at the salon every couple of months, and touch up with the epilator.

The new-style rotating disc epilators are a lot less painful than the original Epilady.

Anyone else have problems with razor bumps and ingrown hairs? I never had them until after I had a bad experience with a home waxing kit, which I’m convinced made my follicles go haywire. (My doctor’s reaction when I went in for my annual exam was “what happened to your legs?!?”) The only thing that works for me now is Schick Silk Effects. It has thin wires that wrap over the blades. They’re supposed to help prevent nicks, but I find that they’re pretty effective at keeping the shave from being [I]too[/I] close. (When my leg hairs are shaved too short, they invariably start growing beneath the epidermis instead growing out normally. It’s really annoying. Especially when I try to shave off what looks like long hairs with the razor and then realize I can’t because they’re actually under the skin! Ugh!)

Overall I’m pretty lax about shaving my legs, though. DH wonders why I bother (I’ve got dark hair!), but I feel self-conscious in shorts and dresses. Most of the year I go without.

I HATE shaving my legs and will really let it go because I also don’t care.

Years ago, I had laser hair removal for my bikini line and it worked real well. I ran out of $$ before I could get it all done (went 2 times) but I’m still happy. My Portuguese/Italian ancestry really socked it to me in the hair department and, frankly, I’d get it all lasered off if I could.

May have to try the epilady thingy. Is it as painful as a tattoo?

To be honest, the first couple of times I used the epilady, it was much, much worse than a tattoo. I had bleeding and bruising. There was some drinking involved. :shock::shock::shock:

After the first time, I vowed never to touch the stupid thing again. But then I noticed that my shins had zero hair on them. That stupid thing really works.

The second time was almost as bad, but not quite. Now I use it periodically, and it doesn’t really hurt at all. There is some minor redness that abates within a couple of hours. Major reduction in hair re-growth. Advil before the first few times helps a lot.

[CENTER]:shock::shock:[SIZE=7]HOLY CRAP![/SIZE]:shock::shock::shock:[/CENTER]

[LEFT]I bought myself an epilator today (called Emjoi Sin Dolor for $25 @ Wal-Mart) and may I say that the pain is, yeah, worse than a tattoo! WHOA! I just wasn’t expecting it to be that bad!

With that said, I went ahead and got just about both legs done before calling it a day. PHEW! I need a drink!

I will DEFINITELY be taking an Advil when I resume.

I think I’ve developed a twitch!:passedout:[/LEFT]

I can’t remember whether this was mentioned earlier in the thread, but the other day I read some reviews about some Aveeno products at that supposedly reduce the need for shaving. I think the line is called Positively Smooth, and they make a shave gel and lotion. I think I’m going to try the gel after I run out of my current one.

azulene oil is GREAT for reducing ingrown hairs after waxing, and it’s also rumored to slow hair growth.

waxing is my favorite method – it’s painful the first couple of times, but as your follicles relax (and your hair softens), it’s much more tolerable. and you really can’t beat not shaving for a few weeks. (i was a daily shaver for YEARS, which wreaked havoc on my skin…)

the epilady – i had to LOL because when it first came out, my dad gave one to my mom for Christmas. :???: