Green-green set for baby

I finished this a few days ago, but I started it in april 12. Long way… :knitting:

Do you think this colors are too bright?

The yarn I use is this:

Superb n mindblowing…thnks

That’s so cute! Love the colors.

I don’t think they are too bright at all. The set is very cute! :inlove:

Oh that is so adorable!! those colors are great!

Great job! I LOVE the colors!

I think it is an adorable set! Personally, I love the bright colors - especially for a baby. Cheery in the drab cold weather :slight_smile:

So cute! I love bright colors on babies!

gorgeous set–it always amazes me how self-striping yarn works out everytime with consistent striping!

Very adorable and I think the color is perfect!



Wonderful baby set! I love the brites for baby things!
Photography was certainly well presented, too!

Very nice! I think the colours are wonderful, boy or girl.

That is toooo cute!!! Nice job:yay:

So cute! And, that’s my favorite color green!

they look great!

That set is just tooooooo cute!

The colors are great! What a cute set :thumbsup:

I love ithem . So cute:)

That is beautiful. I just love the colors.