Green-green set for baby

I’m with everyone else…the set is very nice and the colors are yummy. Great job!

Beautiful job and I like the colors.

Aw, thank you.

I never think you will like it so much.

What a cute set for baby! Nice photography-what pretty yellow flowers :slight_smile:

That is so cute. I love them! Amazing job, hun. :muah:

On a side note I really want those socks for my size. :heart:

No! The colors are just fine! I love them, by the way! That set is soooo adorable!

So cute! Just love, love, love the little socks to go with it… The colours are wonderful… :woot:
Lucky baby!

:thumbsup: BEAUTIFUL :inlove:

Oooooo, I love your set!! The colors are great. That yarn really made nice patterning. Each item is so cute. I love the little socks. Nice picture on that bed of flowers. They look similar to what we call buttercups here, but buttercups are an early spring wildflower, so they are probably something else.

Jaxhil, Lexymarin, Knittingymnast, TEMA, Jberry16 and MerigoldinWA thank you so much! :muah:

I think they are the same flower. But I live in Romania, so here sprig flowers blows in april or may.