GORGEOUS free sweater pattern!

Isn’t this beautiful: http://www.interweave.com/knit/interweave_knits/pdf_files/Interlocking_Cables.pdf

Hope I can knit that :XX: someday!

I don’t know which would take me longer, knitting the sweater, or losing enough weight to wear it!

It is beautiful!

:wink: It does look like it would take forever doesn’t it??? Any idea how long…this is way beyone my current experience :shock:

:rofling: :rofling: :rofling: :rofling: :rofling:

I know whatcha mean!

Very Preeeetty!!! But WTF?? A six page pattern??? :shock: YIKES!!! That is the longest pattern I’ve ever seen. I printed it anyway though … :mrgreen:

I’ll probably never make it … seems way too advanced for me, but hey … I’m a pattern junky too :oops: …

I know…crazy long :doh: but it is sooooooooooooo nice! I would love for someone more experienced (Amy??? Anyone??? Bueler???) to comment on how long they think it would take. Maybe if I start now I can finish by winter??? That assumes of course, that I can figure out how in the heck to do it!

I’ve seen that pattern before - It’s so awesome! I :heart: it!! Although, I think it would take me a decade just to figure out the pattern…one day maybe. If any one decides to take this plunge, please keep us updated on how it goes!

Yes … Crazy-crazy long …

I don’t know about anyone else, but I get major-league discouraged when looking at this pattern. I could never wear it though … my shoulders are too ugly :verysad:

Oh my gosh. Beautiful sweater, which now goes on my project list. :happydance: Who knows when I’ll actually MAKE it, and I’ll most likely be doing a lot of :wall: :frog: :?? !! If anyone decides to do this, let us know! You are brave.

Eternity. It would take eternity. I can’t even visualize the stitch combos. If you had someone knit it for you, it would probably cost thousands. I’ve downloaded it, too, just for something to aspire to. It would be a work of art.

I don’t like it… crazy I know. I mean I like it for the art and skill it would take… but I don’t like the look of it. I do like the style of the sweater, minus all the cables.

It’s gorgeous!

But YOINK! I got dizzy just looking at the pattern. I can’t imagine knitting it! Ignoring the fact that my knitting skill is no where near a regular cable sweater…I am super tall and I can’t even start to think how I would lengthen the sleeves.

It would take me several days just to complete the guage swatch!!! I mean really … a guage swatch of 60 sts and 52 rows AND 62 sts and 60 row!!! This pattern single “handedly” explains why people don’t like checking guage; :rofl:

yikes! scary!

This sweater is in my favorite free pattern links section; I love it! Actually, I think it would look BETTER on someone with a fuller figure. A generous bust & build would be great assets to this sweater! EK, how can you have ugly shoulders? Unless they’re very scarred or extremely built up near the neck, like from professional swimming or something, I can’t imagine not having nice shoulders. They don’t have to look bony or anything, just, you know, round and flesh colored…?! I’m sure yours are fine!!!

You know, at first glance I thought, “Oh that’s not so bad, all the cables are identical, so you do the same thing over and over throughout each round.” But upon closer inspection, there are two different cable patterns that alternate to make up the body, which would add to how much you have to think while knitting it. Although it still wouldn’t be as complex as it might seems when you’re looking at the whole sweater at once. Mostly it’s just knitting and purling! Cables get twisted maybe every 6 rows (I’m not reading the pattern, just approximating), and that would slow you down, but it doesn’t require a tone of thinking on that round.

But there is the fact that the pattern changes dramatically in several places. …It’s not a walk in the park, that’s for sure!

It’s mostly on size 8 needles: that’s as small as I’ll work for an adult sweater, I don’t like them to take forever and a day. This one is pushing it though, because the cables make it take more knitting to equal the same width, so it’s like knitting a large sweater when you’re a small size, in terms of how much knitting you have to do.

I totally agree! I often wish pattern designers would get more creative in avoiding having us do these huge swatches “in pattern.” EZ used to say to make a hat instead of a gauge swatch, when it’s that involved, might as well get something tangible out of it, she’d just guess an approximate hat size, and knit it up in that pattern. She’d say “Well, it’s bound to fit someone!” And you just give it to whomever it fits! LOL.

I wonder if there are other creative solutions. Seems to me that a pattern could say: start by making the sleeve (which is in pattern), and if you’re not getting gauge, switch needle sizes! So what if the sleeve cuff is a bit loose or a bit tight! Do it on the other side to match, and you’d be good to go! :wink: But that’s a generalization, and wouldn’t work with all styles of sleeves. What else could you do with the swatch?

Also, since that pattern is about half knit and half purl stitches, it seems like a sample in stockinette knit flat (half knit and half purl stitches) would have worked as a sample swatch to determine that you’re knitting at correction tension. Correct? :?? Am I missing something? Yes, the knit and purls are alternated, so that can effect tension, but they’re not alternated enough in this case to be too significant I’d think…rights? :?? Any thoughs?

I agree, but there’s one problem. A woman with large breasts cannot go without a bra and strapless bras don’t cut it when they have to hold a lot of weight {{ahem, cough cough}}

I absolutely love this sweater though. Hubby loves it too, which makes it tempting to bring out the heavy duty tape to hold “everything” in place if I were to ever make it.

I’m not big on that off the shoulder look either. Too dramatic for my taste I guess. Maybe if you just showed some collar bone and it fit snuggly on the shoulders. Nice colors though and it actually looks good on the model. I would love to see someone attempt this. Hey maybe we could all knit it. Do about 6 inches then mail it to someone else and they do 6 inches and so on. Well, nah not really, we all knit different tensions and stuff, that wouldn’t work, what am I thinking??? Actaully I was thinking about that project in Melanie Falick’s Weekend knitting book where she says have a basket of different yarns and needles and when friends come over they take turns knitting a scarf. I think that’s col. Whoa I am waaaay OT here, sorry. :doh:

I like it- would love to figure out how to do it- but have a slew of other things that I want to try first. Perhaps by the time I’m ready - they’ll have found a way to not make the pattern 6 pages long.
Maybe one day :smiley:

Yep … they are scarred. :verysad: I scar EXTREMELY easily and the scars don’t even think about fading over time. :evil: :cry: So you say it would fit on a full figure eh? Well … my figure is VERY FULL indeed !!! If only I new how Mr. Jackson lightened his skin … do they bottle that stuff, 'cause it sure as $h!7 ain’t Ambii!!! :thinking: Put a little application here and there and I’d be SET … full figure and all!! Watch out now! :rofling: