Gauge Query

I’m trying to do a pretest before I knit the garment and can’t understand the following phrase.
Gauge: 18L = 10 cm / 4 inches and 24 rounds = 10 cm / 4 inches on the larger needles (5-6 mm / US 8-10).
Any ideas ? Cheers

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What’s the name of the pattern? I’m guessing the L in 18L is referring to gauge worked in lace/linen/whatever stitch pattern the pattern uses. Is there anything above/below that describes a specific stitch pattern used in the garment?

The specific yarn used is called Shaeldan napped yarn from the Farroe Isands? Just thought it wise to do a sampler first to match it with the gauge before I knit. is the link.
Many thanks for any help.

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I know someone who would love this sweater! Thanks for the link.
This pattern was probably originally in Icelandic. L is the Icelandic for stitches (lykkjur).


The pattern calls for two sizes of needles. The ‘on the larger needles’ part means the larger of the two sizes which is for the body of the sweater. The smaller size is for the rib so you want gauge with the larger size you will be using.

I vote for this language of origin notation translation.

Gauge 18 sts by 24 row or rounds for a 10 by 10 cm (4×4 inch) square swatch.

Thank you , that makes sense.