FO: Two Little Girl's Booga Bags!

Hi’yall! :waving:

Well, I finished the two little girl’s Booga Bags for Fiona and Laila.
They are ages 8 and 5…and I think, after felting, the Booga Bag turns out to be a nice size for little girls.

I made the XL Booga Bag for their mother, and posted photos of it the other day.

I had purchased only 2 skeins of NORO Kureyon, with the intentions of making the mini-booga bag. But, after casting on 24 stitches…it looked soooo small even before felting. So I made the “Normal” size, casting on about 36 st…and just knit in the round til I ran out of Kureyon. I had to purchase one skein of worsted weight wool for the I-cord straps for these bags…but, I like the contrasting color for the straps. The shade of purple is in both Kureyon colorways. I ended the I-cord at 5’ for the little girl bags, instead of the recommended 6’.

I heard that both of the girls favor “pink”…so their mother and I discussed that I give BOTH BAGS to BOTH OF THEM…to interchange and share from day-to-day. “You get to take it (the pink bag) to church this Sunday, and I get to carry it to church next Sunday”…or some dialog like that! :happydance: Good thing: the oldest child is the most even tempered and diplomatic. The youngest daughter is a bit of a hot head! :teehee:

I am thinking about adding some beads-n-bobbles embellishments to the blue bag…to make it more alluring! The pink one can stay just like it is!

The frontal visual measurements of the pink bag are 7.5" x 8".

The frontal visual measurements of the blue bag are 8" x 8".
This is SIDE B.

I added the beads’n’bobbles to add to its appeal! The girls are going to fight over the pink bag, so these beads will help the blue bag out!


Looks great!!! Any girl would be thrilled to have one of those! :heart:

As usual your work is wonderful. Those are adorable for little girls! I bet they just love them.

:inlove: love the colors!! Great job:thumbsup:

I love them-great colors for little girls, they’re going to be THRILLED!

Very pretty, ArtLady! Boy, the gals in your family certainly have one-of-a-kind things, don’t they! They’ll be the envy of their Sunday School classmates!

Nice job!

I love the colors you chose! They look beautiful!

I think they are both pretty!

Both are lovely colors! I hope that the blue one doesn’t feel unloved. :slight_smile:

Both are just gorgeous!! You can’t go wrong with those colors!! Great job! Would love to see what you do to embellish the purple one though. I can’t imagine it looking any better …

Remember me sayin’ that the girls will be fighting over the pink bag?
So anyhoo, today I added some beads ‘n’ bobbles to the blue bag, to give it a little help!

So this is SIDE B…whereas SIDE A is just the straps’ knot.

Very nice touch! :thumbsup:

Adorable! I love that added touch!

Just marvelous. I found the booga size to be extremely small after felting for an adult so I increased it significantly too.

The colors are wonderful as are the beads. I love doing the embellishments as I think it adds just the extra something.

I did exactly the same thing for my 10 year old niece for Christmas…just made the regular size bag until I ran out of yarn.

She keeps telling me how much she loves it…and I couldn’t be there at Christmas, but apparently, she stopped opening her other gifts after receiving it and was only interested in modeling with it in front of the mirror.:aww: Apparently, it was an EXCELLENT gift choice for this age.

Great job! I bet your gd s will love them as much as my niece! They have a great grandma.

Oh my…those are simply divine! I know an 8 year old Fiona that would go gaga over the blue one! Go figure!

I love your added embellishment on one and putting the knot on the outside as an embellishment on the other was cute!

These bags are just beautiful as well as the XL bag for Laurelee. I love the beads and bobbles. Did you use double strands of yarn or just single? The bags look very sturdy. Again, your work just blows me away!! :passedout: My DH comes home from work now and says “Ok, show me what Artlady has made today.”:teehee:

I love them both :inlove:

Very nice ArtLady!! My favorite is the blue one and the beads are really cool on it. I hope they don’t fight over them. Maybe one will favor the blue one for one reason or another. You can always hope.