FO - Flirtation Cozy

I completed this a few weeks ago but only now posted because it was part of a swap I was involved with, and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for my partner. :wink:

This is the Flirtation Cozy. The pattern is free and located [B]here[/B].

I used Patons SWS. The color is Natural Snow.

A note about the yarn…

While it turns into a lovely project, I found it scratchy to knit with, which surprised me given how much I’ve enjoyed touching it in the store. The yarn is fluffy, which makes doing cable work challenging. I usually do not use a cable needle; however, I had to with this project.

Regardless, the pattern is lovely, and I know it turned out so well because of the yarn.

I test-drove it on one of my mugs before sending it off (the mug cried as I undressed it). :teehee:

Oooh - I REALLY like that!

:happydance: Very cute! I have been debating about adding these to my Christmas knit list :think:

Very pretty! I should knit one of these for my mother, she has tea or coffee every day and often complains that the mugs get too hot.

That pattern is on my list. I just love the way yours came out! :inlove:

Now THAT is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!! And what a nice idea for gift-giving!!!

That’s one nifty mug cozy. :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing the link.


You just saved my holiday knitting! I was wondering for a few people! thank you thank you!:muah:

That is a lovely cozy! I don’t blame the mug for crying :wink:

Love it!!! What a beautiful mug cozy!!

Cute…I like it! :hug:

I love it, but I’m too sloppy of a tea drinker. I’d get it all over the yarn. I’d have to use black or brown :teehee:

Love it! Great job!!!

OOOhhhhhhh very nice . A great gift idea . Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Oh, I love it!! How beautiful!! I’d cry too :lol:

Skater, that’s what I was thinking! :teehee:

I thought about what you said when I bought more yarn this weekend. I’m going to make my sister and mil cozies and went for a denim blue and burgundy/wine colors. :thumbsup:

Very pretty, and very nicely photographed, I might add. Thanks for the link.

That is too cute!