FO - Baby Surprise Jackets

Here are the photos of the two Baby Surprise Jackets I’ve finished.

The first one done except for buttons. Info on this one in previous post.

The second one done except for buttons. I forgot the buttonholes and couldn’t quite figure out the buttonhole/i-cord thing so I think I’ll probably crochet a chain or something and add that at the top for one or two buttons. On this one I made longer sleeves (see previous post). Unless you know where to look they are pretty invisible. I’m happy with the outcome on them. Next time I’ll try the invisible CO trick and see how that works out.
Yarn: Lana Monterosa Lotto Needles: size 8 I think this will fit a 4 yr old, but I’m not sure. I need to measure it.

The i-cord was more time consuming than difficult, but it was a little hard to get it nice and even looking. Practice will help that I’m assuming. I like the look of it so it’s worth the effort.

so adorable! :heart: i keep putting it off, but i think i am going to have to purchase this pattern :drool: i just love it so much! is it very hard?

I love the look of them too. Very smart.

How does it wear on the child though? I wonder if my finicky daughter would wear it… probably not as she likes the set-in collar look. Its just that these look like so much fun to knit!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

These are very easy! You just knit it one piece and then seam the top of the arms and shoulders. I used an i-cord bind off on them myself. There are instructions on the video for how to put on a hood or a collar. I’ll probably do one of those on my next one.


Wonderful work on both of these jackets. They look so warm and comfy. I also love the look of the i-cord edging. Those finishing touches make all the difference. :cheering:

Those are great–I love the colors on the first one!

Wow! Those are GREAT!!!

Stop making me want to buy that video. :teehee:

The turquoise jacket could easily pull off a flower pin rather than a button or other permanent form of closure. Unless its four-year old recipient is male, that is.

edit: Closure? :?? What word am I reaching for? Tax season is frying my brain.

They’re both lovely, Jan!


Both are lovely, but I LOVE the colors on the first one. Great job!

Thanks, Mrs. Bear!

They are both so cute!! I really love the first one’s colors, too!

I would love to see one of these on a child, I never have seen one modeled. I wonder how they look on :shrug:

Beautiful job, Jan! That i-cord detail on the blue one is so awesome!

So adorable!!

incredible! I had to laugh at forgetting the buttonholes. I hate buttonholes and try to avoid them when I can. I use snaps with almost all my baby stuff that needs closure. For one thing, I think they stay closed better for a busy mom, but the truth is I HATE MAKING BUTTONHOLES!

They are really quite beautiful!


:teehee: Thanks! Can you use snaps on knitted things?

Great job - those are precious!!!