FO: Baby Dress with Fabric Skirt

It seems that most of you like #1, with #2 in a close second. And #3 has a definite following as well.

I guess you’re all as torn between these fabrics as I am!

Maybe I should just put the three numbers in a hat and draw one out. :wink:

i voted for number 2, but i think either it or number 1 would look beautiful

I decided to go with #1, because it seemed to be the winner of the poll. I know there is some time left on the poll, but I was impatient. :teehee:

So, without further ado…here is the baby dress!



Label I added that says, “Specially Hand Made By Sandy”:

shandeh that is adorable! i love little girl dresses! (i have a bunch from when dd was littler… a few now too… but mostly shorts for the summer…)


the baby dress is so lovely!!

I’m so in love with that dress. I can’t stop looking at it! :heart:

I was going to make a hat to go with the dress, but I think I’ll make a fabric headband instead.

I want wewantmore to get it before the weather gets cooler here in North Carolina.

Good final choice, it is adorable, will we be able to see it modeled on a little girl.


This is a stunning little dress, so so adorable. I voted for number 3…but now that I see it with with number 1…it was just the perfect fabric!!


Oh my goodness Shandeh! That came out absolutely adorable :heart: The fabric is PERFECT!

AAAAWwwwwwww! How pretty! I bet the lucky little girl who gets this is going to look so cute in it!
I was gonna pick #3, because it seemed to be so dainty, but now that I see it, I love the fabric you chose!

I’m giving it to wewantmore for her new little baby. We’ll have to see if it fits first, I guess. (I made it a size 3-6 months.)

What she said :wink:

I liked #2 also! I think I might make another dress, using that fabric, and give it to my granddaughter. :wink:

how adorable- my mom made some of these for my daughter in various colors and they were just perfect. when they were a little big, we put a T shirt under them. as she grew, we put shorts or leggings under it. they were her favorite dresses. what a lovely gift!!!

Okay I’ve GOT to get my hands on this pattern… TOOOO adorable and blends two of my favorite hobbies…knitting and sewing.

I definitely vote for the first swatch (far left). The color appears to blend the best with the knitted top and it is TOO cute. Can’t wait to see finished object.

The pattern is SO EASY! I just love it. :inlove:

It only took about a day to knit the top. And making the skirt was easy-peasy. I’m sure the next one I make will be quicker.

Plus, I’m thinking of how I could personalize it with lace edging, or crochet edging, or a knitted flower. It really has lots of room for creative possibilities. :heart:

You know, I bet that some knitted lace at the hem of the dress would look darling! :think:

Here’s another view of the FO:

I vote for the first one,it absolutely looks the best with the color of the top. IMHO, the print almost doesn’t matter, because the color is the first and most important thing that you see. The 1st one called out to me, it looks great with that shade of pink.
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It looks great!!!

Awww Shandeh, that’s adorable! :heart:

that’s what i was thinking too!

i love the dress - it’s so precious.