FO: Baby Dress with Fabric Skirt

I’m making a little baby dress that calls for a fabric skirt.

I used a pattern from “Cozy Knits for Cuddly Babies”.

The yarn choice was easy - Berroco Cotton Twist in a pretty light pink.

Now’s the hard part - choosing the fabric! :help:

Which one do you like? (Click photo for closer view)

Here’s another view to help you decide:

I voted for no. 1

It is going to look fab:)

I like #1, i think it fits the knit part the best :cheering:

Number 1 all the way. It is gonna be cute.

I like the third fabric the best…but the first one suits the knit part the best:cheering:

I like #2. I don’t think it is as busy as the other ones.

i agree that #2 is the least busy

I vote for #1, the color matches the yarn the best, IMO. What a sweet little dress that will be.

BTW, where did you find a pattern for this? I have a 13 m.o. grand daughter (took her first steps yesterday!) who I’d love to make this for.



I got the pattern from “Cozy Knits for Cuddly Babies”. There are so many cute patterns in that book! :heart:

i voted for 1 because i think the pink background would look best, but i really like 2 :heart: what a pretty little dress it will be no matter what you use!:inlove:

I like one or two, but think I favor number one. This is going to be cute.

I’m torn between 1 and 2 myself! But, I think that any of them will look cute. I’m thinking of making a little hat with the same fabric.

I like #1 best, with two a close second. I like the size of the pattern on #1 with the knit piece (and the color match looks perfect on my screen).

I originally intended to use #1, but when I saw the other fabrics in my stash I liked them too! :teehee:

OK, here’s another view of the fabrics, photographed alone with the knitted bodice. I think this will help with choosing your favorite mix. Isn’t it amazing how the color of the yarn changes when you place different fabrics with it?:

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

i am glad you posted those second shots! definantly #1… very cute fabrics either way. and what an adorable hat! i wish i could sew that well… i have tried :blush:

#1 Pink Fabric with Butterflies & Flowers.
Would look very pretty when finished!!:cheering:

For me it is number 3.