FO: Artlady's VOGUE CAPE

I love this cape and I’m looking forward to wearing it this winter with a mid-calf, dark brown chenille skirt and dark brown boots! Come on Winter, I’m ready for ya! :thumbsup:

The Pattern was a Special Insert by Tahki and featured as a fold-out in VOGUE KNITTING Fall 2005 (now out of print…but many of us have the issue. Is it ok to share patterns when the original copy is out of print? Does that break copyright rules?)

The Yarn: Naturwolle Black Forest
Gauge: 12st=4"
Length from back neck to bottom: 32"

Collar unbuttoned:

Collar buttoned up eliminates the need for a neck scarf!

Oval, wood buttons:

The original VOGUE photography. You can see how the armholes work! I think the model cape has basted the bottom portion of the ribbing ‘closed’ for a better look.
I may do the same.

[quote=ArtLady1981;1136191]I hope you like this! I love it actually, and I’m looking forward to wearing it this winter with a mid-calf, dark brown chenille skirt with brown suede knee-hi boots! Come on Winter, I’m ready for ya! :thumbsup:

The Pattern is in VOGUE KNITTING Fall 2005 (now out of print).
A Special Insert by the Tahki Company

The Yarn: Naturwolle Black Forest
Gauge: 12st=4"
Length from back neck to bottom: 32"

thats absolutly gerogous. i love it.

the colouyrs georgous as always :yay:

ooo lovely. it looks like a very versatile(sp?) piece for the autumn/winter.
Did you use three different coloured yans or is it one yarn variegated with those three colours? although the armhole bands look like they were knitted with a single solid yarn i wasnt sure with the main body of it?

These are the 3 colors:
TRAPPER (with cream, grey, black, browns, caramel)
HAZELNUT (with black, browns, caramel)
CHOCOLATE (brown only)

I fell in love with TRAPPER, but the LYS only had 6 skeins. So I bought up her 8 HAZELNUT and 2 CHOCOLATE. I figured with all 3 colorways (16 skeins in all) I could do something great! (Hazelnut and Trapper’s browns, blacks, and caramels are identical. Chocolate is an exact match for one of the browns in the other two)

So I alternated rows between TRAPPER and HAZELNUT, and used CHOCOLATE for the armhole ribbing, cast on rows and bind off rows…to give the edges more ooommph or “pop” as they say.

As it turns out, I really like the combination of the two main yarns better than TRAPPER by herself.

I did do the 3" garter stitch edges with HAZELNUT only…to give the border more definition.

The armholes were created by knitting about 50 rows independent of one another…23 st on one side and 33 st on the other side…and this begins when the cape was about 12"…then after the armhole slit was 11" tall, you rejoin the 56 st onto one needle and go on your merry way. This technique creates [U]a slice[/U] in the garment for an armhole. The ribbing was picked up and added later.

Does that make sense? It’s hard to draw a picture with words. :doh:

You are just an amazing knitter! :notworthy:

Love the newest piece, and the way the yarns worked out for you. Your choice of buttons far outshines the original.

That’s great. What a smart idea mixing the yarns I just thought it was all one but what a great way when they didn’t have enough and you are right they are just perfect together.

I didn’t miss the FO of your brother’s jacket did I? Have you been doing them both at the same time? I am so impressed with not only your workmanship but the volume of large projects you seem to be able to finish. Good job.

Wow, that’s lovely (as usual). I can just picture it in RED!!! What a fantastic pattern. Now I am sorry it is out of print!

Hi GirlChris!

No, you haven’t missed my brother’s bomber jacket. It has been a slow knit! But right now, the BACK is done blocking…the two FRONTS are blocking, and the SLEEVES will begin blocking tomorrow. I would love to be able to have 2 blocking boards going at the same time, but, for now I just content myself with other projects while they’re drying on the blocking board. All that is left is the seaming of the shoulders, the addition of the collar, seaming the sides and sleeves, and buttons! I can hardly wait. I have yarn left over, so yesterday I started a Jacques Cousteau seaman’s watch cap for my brother. I dunno if he’ll ever wear a cap, but I think if it is cool enough, he might!

Thanks for your kind words!

I’m working on his watchcap and my VIVECA Malabrigo cardigan.
And rummaging around in books and pamphlets trying to get ideas with what to do with my leftover CAPE yarn. :?? Hat? Skirt? Boot Bag?

Beautiful! :heart:


Love it! :heart: It will look great with brown skirt and boots. Did you KNIT a chenille brown skirt??


striking on you!! :yay:

I love the cape. I am amazed how many projects you finish. Also I love your buttons. You might have to help me pick buttons for my CPH.

If you find out that you can share out of print patterns, I would love to have a copy of the cape.

Outstanding as always!!! Wow! I would wear this proudly!!

Wow that is so beautiful. I guess the only way to find the pattern is maybe the library or through Vogue’s website for back issues.

You are an amazing knitter.

That is beautiful! Those buttons are so pretty and really set it off!

I love this! Very stylish - it will look wonderful with your chenille skirt and boots. Lovely work, as always.

Beautiful as always ArtLady! You finish so many projects so quickly. We have no air conditioning at home, so I find it hard to knit in the summer, my hands get sweaty than the yarn won’t move through my fingers, needles get sticky or something too, so I havne’t done much lately and I miss it. I think someone else mentioned how beautiful this would be in red too! I love red. I work at the library I may go back right now and see if we have this back issue of Vogue

Oh no…bought it through! Or, QVC, can’t remember which.
The Indigo Moon brand. Got a brown and a black one! They’re lined, too.
Real nice and warm in winter!

Uh oh. I found out that the copyright laws of 70 years extend past the issue being out of print. So, whether VK or the designer holds the copyright, someone does…and the copyright will outlive most of us!


PS: two of our knitters suggested looking at the library for this issue! good idea, huh? And VOGUE KNITTING is a leader in the knitting magazine industry, so you’d think the Library would carry it! Let me know!