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I went in with my sister on an exercise video/diet plan (mostly because she bought it from an infomercial, and then called me, desperate: “I can’t believe I spent SIXTY dollars on a video! I can’t afford that!” :rofl: )

Having someone on the program at the same time really helped - We called each other every day, and knowing that someone was going to check up on you is a pretty big motivation - plus, you can commiserate about how much you both miss chocolate and how much you hate squats! :doh:

I lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks :happydance: and felt great (after the initial muscle pain, cramping and feeling completely out of shape had passed, of course!) and really noticed how badly I felt if I skipped my workout… BUT -

I slipped, of course, because it was ridiculously time-consuming. I had to wake up with enough time to do my workout and take a shower before the kids got up @ 7:30, 8, which meant that I was waking up at 5am every morning…and I am not a morning person :devil:

Walked 15-20 minutes to the playground (pushing about 60lbs worth of kid in the stroller too, I might add

I had to laugh, because now I use my kids as exercise equipment, too!
I got one of those wagons (the ones where you can tie the children down ~evil laugh~) and I have since found that if they are strapped in, you can get in a good, heart pumping twenty minutes or so before they get restless and want to walk! I just have to convince myself to do it more often now…

You could try finding a workout buddy!! If you can’t do it with your family, pets or friends, then try a coworker. I love all of the other ideas that have been mentioned here as well. Mind over matter, do not push yourself to do things you know have failed in the past, getting syched to just get ready is usually the hardest part. Having a support group, even if it’s one person, is great to have if you need a push or a pat on the back.

Good luck and congratulations to those who have shared their success stories here.

Great advice, Kemp! I’m going to use that myself :thumbsup: That is a good way to combat the “I want to stay in bed” problem. You have to get up, dressed and at least TRY to exercise – staying in bed is not an option!

The book I’m reading refers to “BMWing” – you can bitch, moan and whine as much as you want, but you still have to do the work! I had to repeat that to myself as I hit the sleep alarm 4 times this AM :shock:


When my daughter was little I had a big red wagon that I layed a king-size pillow in and she and a friend piled in and I walked ALL OVER TOWN pulling those two! First one hand, then the other. But now I love biking.

I’m one of those who hate exercise too and I don’t feel better after doing it. I always hear how you have more energy and feel rested… I just feel more exhausted and sore LOL. I decided in March to start exercising did DA in the mornings and then the firm oucchhh!! I have back problems and the climbing messed my back up. I’m just now able to get back into the swing of things so I got an exercise bike. I’ve been doing about 30 mins a day for a week and half. I’m now up to 5 miles YEAHHHH :happydance: with chasing after 2 toddlers and doing this hopefully soon I’ll lose the baby weight LOL. I just wish I’d get that energy feeling they all talk about so I could keep up with my two lil ones LOL :rofling: <— me trying to do a sit-up LOL… Congrats on the walk!!

Hey dustinac, do you ENJOY your exercise bike? :?? I find the key to feeling energized after a work out is to do something that you truly enjoy, not something that you merely don’t dislike. :wink: I thoroughly enjoy all the classes that I take and I can’t help but to feel energized by the movements, music, the instructor[color=blue]’[/color]s enthusiasm and the company of the other regular “classmates”! :happydance: Just a thought … :thinking:

Entry copied from my blog thread

When I got back from Costa Rica, I learned that I had won a 3-month membership at Loyola’s fitness center when our HR Dept organized a benefits faire. I felt SO good after hiking through the Rainforest, I figured if there was EVER a time that I maybe might possibly be able to start & kinda stick to an exercise program, this might maybe be it. Well…

I went last night for an orientation to learn to use the machines & to set up a basic program…

This is gonna be HARD! :shock: I have been SO sedentary for the last (mphrgrmph) years. She had me try the different elipticals to get a feel for the one I might like best…I was on each for 2 minutes & I was sweating like a…like a…person who sweats alot!

AND, she is suggesting that I do at LEAST an hour of cardio, PLUS the machine circuit every time I come in! That’s ALOT of time!

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and disillusioned at the moment. :frowning: And, my BRILLIANT :rollseyes: idea to tell a few people at work about this (my health-nut boss, a couple residents) to keep myself accountable to more than just myself…well, THAT’S just gonna bite me in the butt, isn’t it??

HELP! :pray:

Don’t fret ma’dear! Once you find the different things you like, it won’t feel like a chore. I can’t believe she didn’t go into a little more detail about the circuit. I don’t think she should have said to do the circuit everytime you come in. What if you decide to come in everyday? (By circuit, I’m referring to weight training.) Most people don’t suggest you do weights on consecutive days; you want to give your muscles a day of rest to regroup themselves. But I do agree w/ the Cardio advice though! I do one hour of cardio M-F. BUT … you don’t have to START out doing that. It might actually be better to start out twice a week (Tuesday, Thursday), then graduate when thrice (M, W, F) when you feel ready. Then four times, (M, Tu, Th, F) and finally five! Maybe easing into it this way won’t make you feel so overwhelmed. :?? Have you considering lap swimming? That’s a serious workout! You get both cardio AND some sculpting if your form is in line :wink:

I guess she DID say not to work the same muscle groups 2 days in a row… but, she only showed me the leg & arm machines. What about my tummy & back??

I AM going to try a class they have on Mondays called “H2O Bootcamp” in the pool. That will take care of cardio & strength.

I told her I am planning on M-W-F. I have NO idea what is sufficient. I dont think Ill EVER want to come in 5 days/week. I go on my way home, and that would mean I cant take pooches to work because I cant leave them in the car.

I think I expected to feel like I knew what I was doing after that orientation yesterday. I dont.

Kelly! Congrats on going to the club… I’m just about to quit but forcing myself to not. (been going for 2 years now)
When I’m at my country place I don’t exercise and start to get flabby, then I come back to the city, don’t want to go to the club, force myself to go and feel great again. A vicious cycle…

Interesting thing an instructor told me… there is only one muscle group that can be worked days in a row, as in the next day after working it hard, and that is your lower abdominals… (there’s a better word for it I’m sure). All the other muscle groups have to rest 24 hours.

The pool thing sounds great! You’ll find your own routine, I wouldn’t worry too much about what ‘she’ told you to do. Do you have an elliptical machine? Those are fun while watching tv, much much better than the treadmill horror. Just try and alternate a bit, esp if you go 3 days a week, maybe 2 days of heavier workout then a light workout on the 3rd.

good luck…!

You people are grrrrrrrrreat! :cheering: I really :heart: all the support here!

No actual “exercise” yet today but I did run a bunch of errands. Does hauling two kids in and out of carseats and shopping carts count??? :wink:

Last evening we 4, dh included, went for a walk after dinner. It was less than vigourous but still we got out and enjoyed the fresh air. :smiley:

For someone just beginning to exercise again, and hour of cardio is a pretty lofty goal. I would either start out with less or make sure you only do an intensity that you can maintain for an hour. Walking counts! Besides that if you start out at an hour and do it several times a week when your body is not yet accustomed to exercise, you will risk an overuse injury…then you’ll really be set back! Try to make it fun and don’t worry about a time goal right away :smiley:

Thanks, guys, for all of your encouragement…I DID try an aqua class today & LOVED it! I posted more about that in my blog thread.

And, YES I would think that lugging your children should count for SOMETHING!

KellyK, when I started my program at the YMCA I did cardio, but I did the treadmill and the recumbant bike for a total of 45-60 minutes. I really like both of them. I tried the eliptical trainer and I lasted about 5 minutes. Yikes! :roflhard: I found it to be really hard. I was going about 3 times a week and I also like water aerobics. It is so much fun. However, that is the kind of exercise that you get out of it what you put into it. My class has a bunch of elderly women - average age of 73 - and they are there just to socialize three times a week. :wink: I have not been going lately… long story… but ready to get back into the swing of things. It is hard to get going again after having to take a break, but I am determined to get back into it. It makes you feel so good!

I was surprised when NOT all the women in this class were over 70! THere is one that is my age, the instructor is my age, and others are, I would say, in their 50’s…just a couple over that age, and one MAN!

I DID feel good yesterday because, even though I challenged myself, I COULD do it.

For me, I just have the hardest time getting motivated to go to the gym or to hop on our treadmill. I have resorted to bribing myself. If I exercise at night after work (the hardest time for me to get my butt moving) I earn myself 24 hours of guilt free knitting. So by the time I get home for work the next day I don’t allow myself to knit and watch tv until I’ve done my workout.

It’s silly but it’s been working for me for the past week and a half. Knitting seems to work as motivation for me and I’ve got a long way to go!

That is a great idea suzie :thumbsup:

Argh! I wish I had time to read this whole thread!

I, too, have been kicking myself for not being more fit at age 44. {sigh} Anyway, I have started the Couch-to-5K program at CoolRunning.com. So far, it’s been great, although I still haven’t graduated past the 1st week of the program. That just gives you some idea as to how unfit I am!! I’m not really overweight, just woefully out of shape.

Anyway, I am soaking up all of the inspiration, encouragement and information you all are giving here. [color=red]THANK YOU![/color]

I’m all for the Exercise Blog thing here, KnitQueen! I think this is a great spot for any of us who need motivation to keep going.

BTW … the thing I like the most about CoolRunning is that I can go out there & input my mileage, time, weight, etc, and it will keep track of everything for me. It’s encouraging to know that I’ve jogged/walked almost 13 miles since I started a couple of weeks ago.

Well, I need to get off here. My folks are visiting from Colorado, and I need to take DD for her annual well-child checkup later this morning! Everyone have a great day!

Oh, and KellyK, I can get privileges @ the Loyola fitness center when I’m staying w/ DS in the hospital. What time of the day do you go? Perhaps we can keep each other company on the treadmill or elliptical sometime! :thumbsup:

have i posted this already? i can’t remember…if i have i am sorry.

www.fitday.com has a great tool on it that allows you to input EVERYTHING you eat through out the day and all the exercise you do (including the mundane stuff like showering!) It will show you how many calories you take in and how many you burn throughout the day. the last i checked it is free. i actually paid for the software down load and love it. you can even put things that aren’t listed in their food list in (both versions)…for example i eat a lot of low sodium tuna. regular tuna is on their list but not the low sodium so i just took the label and copied it right in to the software. i think it is brilliant. give it a try!

Why dont we just start calling THIS thread our exercise blog? Everyone let me know if you’d like me to re-name the thread and/or move it to the Blogs Forum…

I’m there Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5:00p! Im doing aqua classes on M (5:00) and W (5:30)…GREAT fun! Fridays Im planning on starting slow with the treadmill. I just cant make it on the elipticals (yet!). Have you done their mandatory facility orientation?? If not, HURRY!

:cheering: oooooo Julie I hope you can join me! :cheering: I SO need a workout buddy!

Re: aqua classes…all you would need to bring would be a swimsuit and a comb/brush…Loyola’s center provides EVERYTHING else…shampoo, conditioner, styling products, cotton balls, Q-tips, hairdryers that actually WORK, towels EVERYWHERE!

And, we still have to make our yarn store date, dear!