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I hate to exercise. It is something I never have gotten into. I grew up with my mom telling me that she didn’t care if I flunked PE because she always hated it too :frowning: . I didn’t flunk, but that’s beside the point – I certainly never enjoyed a moment of it, never was on any sports teams, the extent of my exercise regime over the last 10 years since high school has been semi-regular walking and that too has slipped to the wayside.

I’m not overweight by any means, 140lbs, 5’5" tall, but I’m not [B]fit[/B]. I don’t think I’ve ever been “in shape” in my whole life. I find it really frustrating that I’m so uninspired in this area. Now that I have 2 kids, I want to demonstrate to them a healthy lifestyle, complete with exercise, but I just don’t know where to start.

So where [I]does[/I] an out of shape, exercise hating, mother of two young children get started??? Hellllpppppppppp! :pray:

Do you have “Curves” up your way. Its an in-and-out in half an hour exercise studio. Supposed to be very good for women who hate to exercise. Oh that, too–only for women.

Or you can do things with the kids, just going for walks is good exercise and can be a great opportunity to learn about nature and have some good talks with the kiddies. Bike riding, jumping rope, swimming–all good exercise that’s not just “working out.”

I had gotten into the habit of walking with my kids a few times a week and then it got so freaking HOT that I couldn’t take it any more! It’s hard for me to get away so going somewhere to work out seemed unrealistic. I really want a regular bike but again, it’s hard to get away…so I got a recumbent stationary bike!! I can ride and KNIT at the same time!! :thumbsup: I highly recommend it. :smiley:

(It was a cheap one, too, only $93 after 15% off and free shipping! But it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s actually quite nice.)

I am very lucky. I recently won a 3-month membership to the Loyola Health & Fitness Center when work held a benefits faire. This is PERFECT for me, as I have a HORRIBLE history of joining health clubs, going every day for a month, then NEVER going again. Ill be able to see whether I can really commit before shelling out the cash! This club has a couple of special motivational programs for those like me who need motivation!

Hi Knitqueen! I have two young kids as well and exercise is a challenge for me. In January I started jogging. I told myself that all I had to do was go for a jog 3x per week, for only 20 minutes each time. It made it relatively painless, and I actually looked forward to getting out of the house for that 20 minutes without rugrats on my heels! :lol: Unfortunately in early March I got a nasty virus and couldn’t exercise for 7 weeks, and it took ALOT to get me back into it, but I did!! :cheering:

For me, it is more about the length of time each sesion is. If I thought I had to go to the gym for an hour, I just wouldn’t do it cuz I would feel like it’s taking up too much of my time and/or my time with the kids. There is a Curves that opened up in my area recently, but when I think about the cost of that compared to a free 20 minute jog, it’s hard to compare! :wink:

If jogging isn’t for you, then what about a 20 minute walk to get you started into the habit? Good luck with whatever you decide!

I’m not willing to fork out the $$$$ to join a gym or a curves type thing. I know that I probably wouldn’t stick with it (unfortunately :rollseyes: ) so I just can’t justify that. I’d rather spend the $$$$ on yarn!!! :roflhard:

What I need to do, especially since it’s now summer, is get out of the house every evening that I’m able to for a walk BY MYSELF!!! (ie. after the kiddos are in bed!!!) We have a great park close by that I sure could use, but I just have to get my walking shoes on and get my butt out the door. THAT’S the hard part, not the walking itself. I just feel so beat at the end of a day with the kids that I’d rather just sit on my rear but that won’t help anything (aside from my knitting! :wink: )

BTW, going for a walk with the 2 kids is not exercise :roflhard: . A walk, which if done briskly should take about 15 minutes takes a good 45 minutes with the kids. We stop a sniff the flowers, check out the ants on the path, pick up sticks, jump off big rocks, etc. you get the picture!!! :lol:

A GREAT non-exerciser way to getin shape is yoga or belly dancing. I belly dance and I LOVE it!!! I never want to lose my curves, but it is great exercise and you can do it from your house. You can even rent the tape if you prefer…but only costs about 20 to buy…much less than curves or gym membership.

I know your kids are still young, but when they get a little older, get a bike for each member of your family and ride in the neighborhood. My sons, now 17 and 15, and I still ride all the time.

I also found that many kids are adversely affected by sugar, so I limited the sugar intake and made sure there were healthy alternatives to snacking, as well as the kind we shouldn’t eat but all do! It is just about balance.

Also, totally off topic…I never forced them to eat anything, only asked that they try it and re-try something they did not like a few years later. Tastes change and we all have dislikes. How could I make them eat something they don’t like when I won’t eat the things I don’t like? Just made sense for me.

What time does your dh get home from work? Around dinnertime? I try to get out for a jog right when dh gets home. I have dinner made and ready before he gets home and then while he plays with the kids before dinner I quickly dodge out of the house. Then we eat when I get back.

There is NO WAY I would be able to exercise after the kids go to bed. I’m just too exhausted. Plus…that is prime knitting time! :wink: :lol:

Hmmmmm, that is another good thought. My dh is usually home by about 4pm (or earlier). He is a teacher and HEY, HE HAS THE WHOLE SUMMER OFF!!! :doh: Why didn’t I think of that sooner? This is prime time for me to get moving! And we can do it as a family too. Even better. I definitely love the before dinner exercise idea though for when fall rolls around again. Thanks! :smiley:

I saw this somewhere. Probably on this list. It gives you a wa to start out slow and work your way up.

Do you have childcare? And I don’t mean your husband (although it would be nice if he could take the kids for a while so you could do your thang) Like a neighbor or a friend who has kids? You could switch off? Is there a local community center near you with a bulletin board where you could post messgaes to find one? How about Craigslist? http://www.craigslist.com/
Any relatives? Anyone? Hey where do you live, I’ll come over and watch em for a while!

A good friend of mine has a 5-yr old, and she walks every evening after DD is asleep. I know you have trouble getting out the door, so I will pass on her motivators to you…

  1. She reports that her brisk walks alone help clear her mind
  2. She sleeps much better
  3. She calls friends on her cell phone while walking, killing two birds with one stone. Helps her keep in touch with people when otherwise it would be hard to do because of DD-time. Also, a safety measure.

Maybe have another friend with children be your walking buddy, either in person or by phone. Having someone else to be accountable to can really help!

Ok… I’ll add my one and a half cents too… :slight_smile:

If you have a dog, take you, the dog and the kids all out walking. I try to take our dog out for a walk at least once a week. Usually I do this very early Saturday morning (before it gets too warm) when my wife and kids are still asleep so it gives them time to sleep in, plus it gives me a couple minutes of quiet time and of course the dog loves it.

Bike riding is a great way to get exercise. My kids love it when they ride around the community and Dad (gets the dog) walks along with them. I loved riding bikes growing up and in high school (before moving to Detroit) I used to ride 20-30 miles a day. (I still enjoy bikes but don’t own one at the moment.)

If you have access to a pool, swimming is another great option. Even if a person isnt doing laps, it takes energy to push yourself through the water… and even better, it’s low impact.

I think Lisa’s belly dance idea was a great one. Doesnt even have to belly dancing though, dance in general… instead of turning on the TV, turn on a CD and let the kids go nuts.

Of course eating healthly is a good side note to all of this.

Good luck and let us know what you decide. :cheering:

In order to jump start my fitness, I just started (today, actually!) a 12 week challenge from the book Body for Life for Women – www.drpeeke.com – My biggest challenge will be to start and stick with strength training (with hand weights, at home). I liked the idea of a specific “challenge.” The book was very inspiring, and the program seems very well-rounded and doable.

I choose walking (with my Goden Retriever :heart: ) as cardio of choice, and I’m trying to get myself in the AM walking habit (yuck!) It is hard with hubby’s unpredictable schedule and my DS to consider. This AM I had to opt for Leslie Sansone’s in-home walking (a 2 mile, 30 min walk) DVD. I highly recommend for those days you can’t (or don’t feel like) getting outside. She uses stretchy bands for some added toning, and you can make the program more challenging by bending your knees more, etc… I noticed that she has a walk/jog DVD out now :thinking: another tape for my collection :wink: !!


This might turn into my little exercise blog :lol: (but don’t shun me if I’m not as devoted as my intentions tell me to be!! :wink: )

Day 1: Get myself out the door and NOT in the mini-van :rollseyes: . I will walk with the boys to the playground today, an approximate 20 minute walk each way. They will get the exercise too and I will be able to relax in the sunshine while they play.

Wish me luck!! :thumbsup:

(Thanks for all your support and great suggestions, by the way!)

I have been running for about 12 years now. I think the best thing for a beginner to do is not to commit too much…despite best intentions lofty goals don’t get reached, one gets discouraged, etc…you get the idea.

My advice would be to commit to just getting yourself out the door 5 days a week. No requirements except to get out the door. If you feel great, keep walking. If you feel like crap after 5 minutes, go home. If you do that little of a commitment, pretty soon it gest easier and going longer doesn’t seem as bad. Plus no guilt if you are not automatically able to go 20 minutes, a mile or whatever.

I use this trick quite often with my running even now. If I want to blow off a run for some reason, I make myself put on my running clothes and head out the door. I tell myself that if I still don’t want to do it after 5 minutes, I can come home. Amazing, but that has never happened :wink: Ahhhh, psychology.

Mission accomplished today. :cheering:

Walked 15-20 minutes to the playground (pushing about 60lbs worth of kid in the stroller too, I might add :thumbsup: ), kids played for about 1.5 hours and I wasn’t sitting the whole time - here and there, helping with slides, pushing on swings, etc. so that’s a bit of activity there too for me. Then the 15-20 minutes home and I feel great! Another perk, I didn’t use any gas on the van today (yet) and with gas prices the way they are, walking should be the transportation of choice. YAY for summer is all I can say!!

:cheering: Fabulous!

Congrats!! :cheering: One day at time! :thumbsup: Have you thought about starting an exercise blog? Maybe that will help inspire you day to day…

My two cents about money for membership: I too didn’t want to fork out the money for a gym membership. But walking and other such free activities didn’t work for me. So even though my budget is “making the eagle scream”, I bit the bullet and joined YMCA. I figured … it’s my health (physical AND emotional), so it’s worth the budget squeeze. Guess what … here I am today, THREE dress sizes and THREE pant sizes SMALLER!!! But more importantly, I don’t get sour and depressed when I leave a fitting room. Anyhoo - my reluctance to fork out the dollars quickly fled when the first 8 lbs shed the first month :wink: And trust me … with my money on the line, I had NO PROBLEM keeping with the program. :mrgreen: My point - You may well find that the “free activities” will suite you well, but if you find the need for something more and if you can at all afford it, don’t totally disowned the idea of a membership. :wink:

PILATES is incredible. It helped me get in shape (I lost 25 pounds but also exercised at my club)… when I miss Pilates class I hate it, I feel the strength draining away from me. Are there any Pilates classes near you? They really change your body, including better posture, flatter stomach…

I’m thinking of quitting my club coz it’s too expensive but I just can’t let go of the Pilates classes yet…

good luck! oh yeah, working out even dancing around the room to some really great music is one of the easiest ways to get your metabolism up and lose some pounds!)

okay sorry i gotta little giggle and had to re-read…cuz i read "i am thinking of quitting my JOB coz it’s too expensive…and THAT is when you know gas prices have gone up too high and they aren’t paying you enough…lol