Have you seen this? I love her nails… but that looks… ah!

eeeewwwwwwwwwwwww…nails that long are freaking NASTY!

EW!! I can hear her nails clicking as she knits…ew ew ew!

Those are sooooooooo ugly :oo:

Gross. What possible purpose is there for having nails that long?

I agree… the nails are hideous. I bet she could knit much faster with shorter nails!





That repulses me. That clacking…ugh I’m going to hear it in my nightmares tonight.


[U]EWWWWWW [/U]And [U]A Capital YUCK[/U][/COLOR][/B]

I can’t imagine having to work around nails like that all the time - and they’re ugly!

I guess she has a housekeeper, but how does she um… handle personal issues… [SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]I’m guessing veeerrrryyy carefully… :shifty:

[B]Yikes! I didn’t think of that Jan. Can You say OUCH![/B]


Ugh! I always think about that when I see my server/cook at a restaurant having long nails like that. And then I think about all the disgusting, germy stuff that could be lurking under those nails. And then I usually don’t end up eating. Seriously. That stuff does me in.

Nails that long are so ugly and gross. What is the frickin’ purpose? The lady at my local mail counter has long decorated nails and it baffles my mind as to why. :wall:


That is just wrong! :zombie:

:ick: I’ve never understood why anybody would deliberately give themselves a physical handicap like long fingernails. :ick:
I enjoy having unencumbered use of my hands with short nails. :!!!:


how does she even do that?