There is a waitress at a local supper club that my mom and I go to, that has nails like that. Unfortunately, we don’t go there very often, but when we do go, somehow we always get stuck with her. My mom said, if that happens next time, she is asking for a different waitress. :ick::ick::ick::ick::ick::ick:

How is that possible?!

Um…my thought is…how does she…err…[COLOR=silver]wipe [/COLOR][COLOR=black]… or put in contacts…or ANYthing? [/COLOR]
I have done fake nails many times, but I always want them cut probably shorter than is normal. I want them to look natural and anything is better than my own nails. But I mainly want to be able to “do stuff” and not worry about freaky long nails…:ick:


All I could think of was taking a big pair of scissors to cut them off!

I’d hate to hear about her experiences with the “ladies thread” product :teehee:

I had a roomate in college who had long nails like that. I asked her how she managed to do much of anything. She said she learned as she went along, that she didn’t wake up one day and suddenly have long fingernails. I can’t wear my nails long at all. I keep them short and neatly trimmed. I do way too much with my hands to bother with fingernails. I wear them right to the tips of my fingers and that’s it. Anything longer than that and I’ll end up breaking them or chipping them.

Plus I can’t stand the look of them when they are all curly like that. Ew is right.

Every person has their own idea of beauty. I hope that the woman that made the video doesn’t read this forum.