Finally FO: Lopi Sweater with lots of 1sts:

  1. Swore to myself to knit entire sweater in continental stitch to force myself to learn how (only English until now) - check:cheering:
  2. First time knitting fairisle (correct name?) - check:happydance:
  3. First time making a sweater - check:yay:

let me know what you think and thx for looking!
i hope the pics attached???

Wow - you really did an awsome job! You should be really proud of yourself for all of those “firsts”.

It’s beautiful!! I can’t believe you tackled such an ambitious project for your first sweater, but you did a wonderful job. Congratulations!

That’s your first sweater and your first Fair Isle??? That’s amazing, great job!

yes it is AND i loved doing it - i already got yarn to start another - this time for me and it’s going to be RED.

yes it really feels great to promise yourself that you’ll try something different and then really go thru with it. i had fun - except learning how to graft the underarms - that wasn’t so fun. lol

Wow! Do you succeed so spectacularly at EVERYtHing you try? That’s an impressive looking sweater without any firsts attached, let alone three! Well done!

:passedout: What a job! WTG on the challenges you set for yourself :thumbsup: . It really looks wonderful.

:passedout: lot of 1rsts and it looks wonderful!! :inlove:

That looks beautiful. I think you must have natural knitting talent to do so well on your first sweater.

Wow! That’s beautiful!

[B]u r too funny[/B] - but thanks for the compliment.

The only reason i think i was able to do this sweater at all is because of all the enthusiasm and excitement that all of you create on this forum. it’s a constant source of entertainment and commradery. It makes something i love to do any way a real joy, because i know there are so many of you out there ready and willing to support and share all the fun. Thanks to all

Your sweater is beautiful!

Isn’t pick knitting ever so much easier than throwing the yarn? I can’t even do that anymore.

What pattern are you going to use for your RED sweater?

Wow! NIce job!!! My first sweater didn’t look nearly as well…

i bet yours was beautiful - we are all too critical of our own work - i think we are all perfectionists - right? and thx for the compliment.

well, i don’t know if i’d call continental easier - it was a challenge for me and I definitely noticed i knit tighter using continental - but maybe that problem gets better with practice. but i’ll keep trying. the other thing now is to try continental style with something that has cables - we’ll see how that challenge goes.

My RED sweater is going to the “VIGDIS” from the Elsebeth Lavold book. and another RED sweater i just started this weekend (finished the back panel last night) is the the “Portia” from a Berroco booklet. it’s pretty easy so far, we’ll see how it goes with the next section. i LOVE RED.


:passedout: [SIZE=6] AWESOME[/SIZE]

Gorgoues sweater. You did a wonderful job! Congrats on all your firsts!!!

wow! Good for you. It looks wonderful, and I have to force myself to do a ROW of continental, and I get too anxious for the finished product, thinking it’s going to take too long to learn continental!