Finally FO: Lopi Sweater with lots of 1sts:


Great job! And with so many first - awesome - thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Beautiful work!!! And congrats on so many firsts…that’s wonderful!!! :muah:

That looks AMAZING!!! welcome to the world of conti knitting!! your fair isle work looks just divine!!

Great!! How do you like the Continental now?

well - continental is still clumsy feeling, but not as bad. i tend to knit much tighter in continental, don’t know why, so it’s more tiring. but, i assume that when i’m more comfy with it, that will get better. Also, i only have done knit/purl. My next step is to learn how to continental only while doing cables and y/o etc. that will be a real challenge. One thing for sure, with colorwork, it really is helpful to have a different color in each hand, instead of having to drop one color and pick up the other etc.

GREAT looking sweater!!!

I LOVE :inlove: red too!

A W E S O M E ! This is my ambition - knit top-down in the round patterned sweater! I have a whole book of patterns but keep getting side-tracked! wow that is truly beautiful! Little Audrey

Impressive collection of firsts! The sweater looks great.

Wow! I love this sweater and the colors too! Great job on a first time project!:cheering: