Fiber Trends Clogs - The ULTIMATE RESOURCE

Since it seems like so many of us are knitting these now, I thought I’d do a KAL. Amp, Ingrid and myself are the ones I know who are working on it for sure… I think Ingrid is waaaaay past where amp and I are though!

I thought this coul dbe an ongoing KAL… so just join when you can. I’m making 5 pairs for Christmas presents, and I think KK is making a million pairs for Christams presents, so someone will always be knitting these, at least for the time being.

I’m going to post links here, too, to the other threads on the forum that deal with the F.T. clogs. (just not tonight, because i actually want to get past row 5 before bedtime), and links to places online that sell the pattern. (agin, not tonight)

Anyone who’s making them, please join in! People who have made them before, please frequent this post to help us clog virgins when we have problems.

Advice I got from KK:

I just made it to row 5 with the help of Hilde!!! THANK YOU Hilde!!! :notworthy:

This is really a fun pattern (so far)!

I feel so proud of myself! :happydance:

yayyyyy amp! glad I could help. Try to post a picture soon! (so will i!)

I hope KellyK is right… because this sure as heck doesn’t look anything like a clog! :thinking:

I will try and post a picture in the morning. I have to get DH to help me!

It will start looking like a clog soon after you switch to the second color.

[size=7]I PROMISE!![/size]

I can’t find my tapestry needle, so I couldn’t finish the second clog last night. I put it in a safe place but the cat thinks it’s her responsibility to knock all small things on the floor and hide them under the couch. I’m a little anxious about felting, but I’ll do these before I make the other, larger 2 pairs I’m going to make.

Hilde, youre not going to beleive me! I don’t know what got into me last night but I just kept knitting and knittting… :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

And before I knew it I had a clog in my hands. :XX: I casted on for the second sole and knitted the first row. I looked up at the clock and it was 7am (my time) :shock:

It sounds more crazy than it really is. My husband is a police officer that works night shifts so I often will stay awake all night and sleep during the day with him. :zzz:

I am so proud of myself. I can’t believe I actually did it! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Yeah me!!!

Whose pattern is the clog and where can I get one?

The Clog is by Fiber Trends and, unfortunately, its not a free or downloadable pattern. Check your LYS or there are online vendors that will mail it to ya.

omg amp that’s awesome!!! My husband works second shift, so I knitted until about 2am then went to bed, and a bit more this morning. I finished the “extra rows” part and now i’m working on the right colum of directions. DH goes “that doesn’t look like a clog to me!” So I folded the sole down, and he’s like WHOA!!! I’m so gald this thing is symmetrical.

Ingrid, my cats took my row counter last night :shock: It was under the couch. They must be in cahoots with your cat!

I really wanna hurry up & finish my tank so I can get in on this action with yous guys!!! I have the child’s pattern now, too. AND, I still have WOTA left over from my sis’ bag. I was gonna make a bag for myself, but decided to use it for clogs instead. For the little girls on my list (My niece Ella & by brothers’ girlfriends’ dtr) Im gonna do a hyacinth sole, a cherry blossom upper and a daffodil cuff. Wont that be CUUUUUTE? :happydance:

I’m done with the upper. Now I’m going to work on the second sole.
Two ideas:

  1. Can I make the second sole for both clogs at the same time? It seems silly to do the same directions at the beginning, do them again halfway through, do them again for the beginning of the second clog, and then do it again for the second sole #2. I think I’m going to try it.
  2. Now that I’m getting into it, I think I want to chart out everyone’s name and add that across the top of the upper in a contrasting color. OR I was thinking I could add a picture–like my brother is into computers, so I could do a fair isle computer. (naturally I won’t do it on mine, because the one upper is already done.) I’m worried about the decreases in the middle of the upper–how will it affect the chart… maybe I shouldn’t be??

I’m thinking now that I’ll be able to finish this pair today and felt them tomorrow night (i have a crafty date planned with a friend from school during the day). I want to get started on the next pair soon (DH’s). I Am taking that embellishment class next week, so I could wait until after that to “add” anything in–maybe I’ll learn something extra cool. I don’t want to add names or pictures to 1 person’s and not another, though, but I don’t want to wait until after the class to start the next pair.


KK, have you made woman’s medium? How much WOTA did you use? i bought 2 balls for the upper and 4 for the soles, but for some reason i’m worried that I won’t have enough (it works yardage-wise, but I’m obsessive anyway)… :help:

NO. :fingerwag: I TOLD YOU TO JUST FOLLOW THE PATTERN, HILDEGARD!! :shifty: Im saying no because you attach the second sole with a three-needle bindoff, so it has to stay on the needle.

I knit one sole/upper combo, then the other sole/upper combo, then the first 2nd sole & attached it, and THEN the second 2nd sole & attached it.

That amt will work just fine. I promise. TRUST THE PATTERN!!!

I trust the pattern, it’s just slow! Can’t i do 2 on one needle, do the 3NBO with one, and leave the other on the spare needle until I need it?

[size=2]don’t yell at me[/size] :help:

Sorry I yelled. But, I feel like Im talking to my DH…

:mad: “Will ya just read the friggin directions, HUNEY?!?!? And, STOP OVERTIGHTENING! You’re gonna strip the screw again!” :mad:


Here are the WOTA colors in which I’ve made clogs so far…

The first ones are snickerdoodle and evergreen
DH’s are Mist and Coal.

omg! i was going to DB’s in snickerdoodle and evergreen!!! But i really like the maple syrup tooooooooooooo.

:figureditout: ooo! Stripes!!! YES!!!

[size=2]are stripes allowed? [/size] :shifty:

OK - Im letting it go. They are YOUR clogs and you should knit them they way you want to. You bought the pattern and the yarn…its all yours. Im gonna stop being a control FREAK.

I just thought for your first pair, you may just want to follow the directions exactly so that for the next ones, you’ll have a better “feel” for how they work.

:roflhard: <---- crying and sobbing on the floor

well I’m following the pattern for the first pair. Maybe I will “experiment” with my brother’s pair…he won’t care anyway. He probablly won’t even wear them. OR I could experiment with any pairs that I make sor my SIL; she deserves whatever happens to her.

thank you KK i :heart: you and your thoughtful advice :inlove: muah!

KAL! Okay - I’ll think of the colors and place an order. I guess I’ll go with WOTA - I’ve only used Cascade220 and Lamb’s Pride for felting. Still have tons of purple left from all the FMB’s I was going to make.

Hildegard - how many do you have to have finished by Sept?


well, I want to get all 5 pairs done, if possible. Know what I said to DH today? “Wow, I wonder if I should make these for The Brats (niece and nephew) too?” He looks at me, perfectly straightfaced, and says “Why not just make them for Dad (FIL), Shirley (FIL’s g/f), The Morons (BIL and SIL, parents of the brats), Beastor (Barb, my MIL) AND The Brats?? Then we won’t have to buy anyone presents!” :shock: I’m like, yeah, why don’t you learn how to knit, smarty.

IF i make them for The Brats I’d have to make them for the Morons too. Then Beastor will want a pair, and feel all left out and and turn into Psycho Grandma. we do NOT want that.

Can you tell i love my inlaws??? I wonder what thaey call deano and I behind our backs…