Fiber Trends Clogs...KellyK

Kelly (and others) :slight_smile:

Now I can see what you mean about the fiber trends clogs being so hugified before felting! :shock: I just started the first one for my DH (the biggest size, of course…the one time I wish he had smaller feet) and I cannot believe how big it is!!! I know I just need to have faith :slight_smile: but wow…you weren’t kidding about the “clog that ate Cincinnati” !!


Coming to a theatre near you… (soon)


You really just have to trust the pattern…all of the sudden it will start looking like a slipper, and you will just felt until it fits!

The whole time I was doing this I just thought “could this really be right”??? :thinking: I have felted stuff before, but nothing that acually had to fit!

I took the picture with my DH shoe to show how much bigger it is…not as bad as I originally thought. I think it will shrink fine.

omg that is about one of the funniest things i have ever seen…lol

I know! Crazy isn’t it? I can’t wait to felt it so hopefully it will look more “normal” !

I know it has been posted … but I can’t seem to find it! Where can I get the pattern for the Fiber Trend Clogs!

That looks right to me!! Wait until you see how nice they felt!! Im ALL excited for you! :cheering:

Deb…check your LYS or online through Its unfortunately not a free pattern. But, its WELL worth it! These things are GENIOUS!

If you go HERE the sources are listed for each state. Mail order sources are also listed and THIS one sells it online. KK is right…the pattern really is awesome…amazing how it works.

YAY! I am glad you think they look about right. Just wondering if I should go ahead and felt the first one before I begin on the second…you know, just to make absolutely sure it is going to fit before I spend another 6 hours on the second one :slight_smile: Or should I just have blind faith :thinking:

Thank you, thank you … I thought it was a purchase pattern, but just couldn’t seem to use the right search words!

I vote for blind faith, Kempy dear… :thumbsup:

ok…I’m feeling adventurous today…blind faith it is! :shock:

(you realize now if they don’t fit, I can totally blame this on you :slight_smile: )

That’s FINE. Ill just tell you to keep on felting! I had to wash DH’s like 12 times…keep in mind you may want to make them just the tiniest bit snug…they stretch a tiny bit and form to your feet with wear.

WOAH…I’m glad you told me. After 5 or so I would have been convinced it was a lost cause.

:roflhard: Once again you guys made me LOL in my office (when I’m supposed to be working!). That pic of the unfelted clog next to the shoe is hysterical!! :lol:


:thinking: Well I hope your right. I finished them today and I am on about the 6th wash cycle now…so far it looks like the only man they will fit is Shaq!

I guess I could always send them to him if I can’t get them to fit DH.

KEEEEEEP goin! Like I said…Al’s took, like 12 washings! I even let them go through the spin cycle in between…made them easier to try on. I also (gasp from the felting blasphemy) put them through the DRYER a couple times!

What size shoe does he wear & what size did you knit?

Is the pattern anything like this free one??